Transfer data from Samsung to HTC mobile phone

There are different ways you can get your personal data from one phone to another. Some method can help you migrate one file type not another, some can only help you send one or a few files each time. Today, we will introduce you a quick and comprehensive data transfer solution which can help you easily copy contacts, text messages, calendar, call history, photos, videos, music, apps and even app data (for rooted Android devices only) from one Android phone to another. We will use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and an HTC smartphone that are both powered by Android in the demo. The following instructions and tips apply to many other Android powered devices as well, such as LG phones, Sony phones, Motorola, Lenovo phone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nexus, and so on. Check out following step-by-step tutorial to move data from Samsung phone to Lenovo phone, just as an example.

You can download the free trial version of this mobile phone data transfer software on to your PC or Mac below. Note that this is a computer software other than an Android app, thus you need to download it onto your computer, and copy data from one phone to another with a computer in the middle.

How can you transfer data from Samsung to HTC mobile phone?

Install and run the above mobile phone data transfer program on your laptop or desktop. Then connect both Samsung galaxy phone and HTC mobile to computer via USB data cords. From the home screen of this data transfer solution for mobile phones, you will find different data transfer solutions including: 1) Phone to Phone Transfer; 2) Restore from Backups; 3) Back up your phone.

mobile phone data transfer for windows

Click “Phone to Phone Transfer” from its home screen, you will be prompted to turn on USB debugging on the Android phones with on-screen instructions. You can also refer to this guide to turn on USB debugging on Samsung phone and following article shows the steps to enable USB debugging on HTC mobile phone.

After that the above mobile phone transfer tool will recognize and access content on your mobile phones. The phone on the left is the source device, the right one is the target or destination phone, data will be copied from the left phone to the right phone and you have the Flip option in the middle to switch. In this demo, we will show you how to copy data from Samsung phone to HTC, so make sure the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is on the left and HTC phone is on the right.

Transfer data from Samsung to HTC mobile phone using mobile transfer

Now we need to select content or file types to migrate. By default, all supported file types are selected, including contacts, text messages, calendar, call history, photos, videos, music, apps. For rooted Android devices, you can even transfer app data between Android phones.

Finally click the Start Transfer button to transfer all selected data from Samsung to HTC mobile phone. Be patient if you want to transfer bulk media files, such as photos, movies, music files, apps and games. For other files transfer, like your phone numbers, contacts, SMS messages, calendar, call history, the transfer should be very fast, normally in seconds or minutes.

Mobile phone data migration tips

  • If you have saved a lot of data on the old phone, you may also select one file type to transfer each time.
  • The data transfer will NOT overwrite existing data on your new phone. If you like to do so however, you just need to enable the “Clear data before copy” option which you can find at the bottom right section from the phone to phone transfer screen.
  • If you have backed up content from Samsung phone to computer using KIES, you can also restore the Kies backup to other phones using the above mobile phone data transfer software. Just go back to its home screen and choose “Restore from backups”, it is easy and intuitive, we will not discuss the details here, you can refer to previous linked article for more info.

Transfer data from HTC to Samsung phone?

If you like to move files and documents the other way around, you can also repeat above steps to get the data from HTC phone to Samsung phone, just make sure to set HTC phone as the source device while the Samsung Galaxy phone is the destination device before the transfer.