Transfer data between Samsung and Lenovo mobile using Phone Transfer

We review all kinds of software tools on the site. Recently, we have written a review of a professional mobile phone transfer software tool which helps us easily migrate our personal files and data from one phone to another with the outstanding cross platform compatibility. For many smartphone users who want to upgrade to new phone or switch from one phone to another, the data migration is a big problem. With this easy phone data transfer program, you will have no trouble in moving or copying your data between old and new phones, either it is from Android to iOS, from iOS to Android, from Android to Android, from iPhone to iPhone, or else. This transfer tool for mobile has greatly simplified the process for common users. Today, we will demonstrate how you can use it to copy data from one Samsung phone to Lenovo phone or transfer files from Lenovo to Samsung mobile.

phone transfer to copy data from phone to phone

Looking desperately around for a tool to copy files and data between two phones? Here is the easier and much faster way of data transfer from one phone to another.

First of all, go to download the phone transfer program from the linked page at the first beginning of this article above. Install it on your PC or Mac. This is a desktop software other than a mobile phone app. Launch this program on your PC, you will get its home screen like this. Note that we use its Windows version in the demo. The Mac version may look slightly different.

phone transfer windows version by iskysoft

You get three phone data transfer modes at its home interface. Apparently it can help us copy files from one phone to another, export files from phone to computer for backup, restore backups to our phones. This is so clear and straightforward. We are not going to explore all these features in one post. Here we will only test and review its phone to phone transfer using a Samsung Galaxy phone and Lenovo mobile phone. The steps to move data between phones are the same for iPhone, LG, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei, and many others.

Once you are in the Phone to Phone Transfer mode, you will see three boxes. The left one is Source meaning your source phone; the middle one is ‘Select content to copy’, so choose what kinds of data you need to transfer; the right box is Destination which means your target phone to receive the file transfer. Now connect both Samsung phone and Lenovo phone to computer via USB. You will be prompted to allow USB debugging on the device to continue. If you do not know how to do it. You can follow the on-screen tips. This mobile phone transfer software has the detailed instructions showing you how to achieve that for various Android version from the old Android 2.0 to the most recent Android version. If you want to know what to do this for. You can also refer to the steps to enable USB debugging on Samsung and these steps to turn on USB debugging on Lenovo phone. Once the USB debugging option has been turned on for both mobile phones, they should be connected and you will see them displayed in the phone transfer program side by side. See this screenshot.

transfer data between samsung and lenovo mobile phone using phone transfer

Note that sometimes this software will try to install the daemon of the phone transfer on your phone. So if you are prompted to check your device to authorize the installation, do so to guarantee the successful connection and data transfer. This daemon of phone transfer will not disclose your private information.

How to change the source and destination device?

This question may come out when your phones are connected. Sometimes you may want to copy data from Samsung to Lenovo, so the Samsung phone should be the source device, however the Lenovo phone may be listed in the source device list. The fix is to click the Flip button to change a source device to destination device or vice versa.

What types of files to be copied over?

You can see all supported file types in the middle box. Unsupported file types will be grayed out so you can not select. If you do not want to transfer certain supported file types, just click the checkbox to deselect them. For data transfer between Android phones, currently this phone transfer can help you transfer contacts & phone numbers, text messages, calendar, call logs, Android apps and games, photos, videos and music songs.

Finally, hit the transfer button at the bottom to copy selected files from the left phone to the right phone. If you like to clear existing data on the target phone before the data transfer, simply select the ‘Clear data before copy’ option and you are good to go.

Alright, that would be all the basics you need to know about the data transfer from one Android phone to another, such as from Samsung to Lenovo, Lenovo to Samsung, Samsung to LG, LG to Samsung, LG to Lenovo or else. It is very easy and straightforward, isn’t it? Yes. You can easily switch phones, migrate personal data all by yourself with this handy tool. You will feel so independent again!

Yet another great alternative!

Last but not least, if you run into any problems with this phone transfer. We also have you covered with another also great solution. Check out this guide to transfer data from Samsung phone to Lenovo, or how to copy data from Lenovo phone to Samsung phone using another great alternative, the Mobile Transfer. Best of all, the free trial version of this tool is available for free download and test, so you have the chance to test it out before you go for a full version.

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