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If you want to switch to a new smartphone, such as from Samsung to Lenovo, from iPhone to Android, the big headache is the data migration. As many smart phone users do not know how to transfer data from one phone to another. Your SIM card and memory card if any can be used in the new phone as well, so you do not need to worry about data on SIM card and SD card. However still the internal memory of your phone may save a lot of your personal info, files and documents that you can’t afford to lose. In previous guide, we discussed how to transfer data from Lenovo to Samsung, if you have read this guide, you should already have to answer as how to transfer data the other way around. If not yet, no problem, we will show you the simple procedure to get your files moved from Samsung smartphone, such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 or s6 to a Lenovo smartphone, such as Lenovo S8, Lenovo Warrior, Lenovo A850, Lenovo A806, Lenovo A820, Lenovo VIBE X, Lenovo A916, Lenovo S930, Lenovo S820, etc. A variety of files and data can be transferred from Samsung to Lenovo smartphones, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, call history, music, calendar.

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Steps to Transfer Data from Samsung to Lenovo?

You have a wide selection of phone transfer software tools at your disposal. They all come with pros and cons. The mobile phone transfer software we will be using in this demo is speically designed for beginners who has limited knowledge about their cell phones. This phone data transfer and migration program has clear and straightforward layout, everyone can easily copy all data from one mobile phone to another. It works with many different phones, such as Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, Nokia, Google Nexus, LG, Huawei, and more devices. You can refer to this guide as an example, steps to transfer text messages from Lenovo to iPhone. It also has capabilities to allow you back your phone data to computer, restore your phone from backups saved on computer, erase private data on cellphones. You can download this mobile phone data transfer program for free from below.

When you firstly run the phone transfer on your PC or Mac, you will get a screen like below. It is clear and straightforward. You can see what this software can do immediately after you launched it.

phone transfer

To transfer data from Samsung to Lenovo, click the Phone to Phone Transfer to enter into the phone data migration mode. Under the phone transfer mode, you can transfer files from Samsung to Lenovo, from Lenovo to Samsung, from Android to iPhone, from iPhone to Android phones, and so on. Now connect both Samsung and Lenovo smartphones to the computer through USB data cord. The phone migration tool will detect your USB connections and display your phones within the data transfer program.

transfer data from samsung to lenovo

The phone on the left is the source device to copy data from, the one on the right is the target device to receive files. If they are in the wrong positions, click the Flip button to switch their positions. Data found from the source Samsung mobile phone will be displayed in the middle. From above screen, you can see contacts, text messages, calendar, apps, call logs, photos, videos, music have been found by this phone data transfer program, you can click to check or uncheck the file types. By default all supported file types will be checked and enabled. If you do not like to transfer certain file type, just click on it again to exclude it from the transfer. After that, hit the Copy button to copy all selected data and files from Samsung to Lenovo smartphone.

Transfer data from Samsung to Lenovo phone – Video demo

Additional mobile phone data transfer tips

This is the fatest way to transfer all your data from one phone to another. It is idea when you upgrade to new phones. However it is not the most flexible solution. For instance, it does not allow you to select and transfer certain files. For example if you want to share specific contact, photo, videos with other mobile phone users, the above phone transfer is not a good option. Many other apps or tools can do much better than the phone transfer. For example, you can share photos through WhatsApp on your mobile, you can share videos on mobile phones using WeChat app.

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