How to transfer files between Android and computer through Wi-Fi using ES File Manager?

Data transfer between mobile phones and computers has never been easier with ES File Manager. We recommend this free Android app to all Android smartphone users. It has so many useful features that are missing in Android OS. For example, you can use it to unzip or read zip files on Android phone, you can use it to share files between mobile phones, transfer files between mobile and computer, upload files to cloud server or download files from cloud server to mobile phone and many more. Today, we will show you how to use it to back up your data and files from mobile phone to computer via Wi-Fi. It can send files from phone to computer or transfer files from computer to mobile phone in a wireless way, much easier than cable tethering and data transfer over USB. You can download it from Google Play store here. Please note that different versions of ES file manager have different layout or design, so you may see they differ in appearance.

Part 1. Download files from Android to PC over Wi-Fi
Part 2. Upload files from PC to Android over Wi-Fi
Part 3. Files transfer between Android and computer – an EASIER way!

Part 1. How to transfer files from Android to computer through Wi-Fi for free?

Run ES file manager on your mobile phone, browse to the folder and find the files you like to transfer from phone to PC or Mac. Then long press on the file, you will select the file, you can tap on more files to select multiple files in ES File Manager on the phone. Now touch the icon at the top left corner of the file transfer app, go to Network >> LAN.
access LAN network in es file manager on android mobile phone
ES file manager will automatically scan for available devices in the same local network. Make sure to connect both your computer and mobile phone to the same Wi-Fi or router. Otherwise the app can’t find your computer. If your phone can’t detect your PC or Mac, tap on the Scan or Fresh button at the bottom of this app. You can also touch the Add New button to manually add your computer to the LAN network in ES File Manager, see below screenshot.
android es file manager LAN management
To manually add computer to LAN in ES file manager is very easy. You need to find out your computer local IP address in the network, give it a name and you are done. If your computer is password protect, you will be prompted to login using the username and password. If you do not know your computer IP address, you can refer to this guide to find IP address on a Windows 10 PC.

Now tab to access your computer in ES file manager, browse to the folder where you like to save the files from mobile phone to computer, and touch the Paste button. Now open this folder on your PC or Mac, you should receive the files and documents from mobile phone instantly. It is just that easy to transfer files and data from mobile phone to computer over Wi-Fi using the ES file manager, an easy to use, powerful yet free app on Google Play store. You can use it to back up all kinds of data from phone to computer, such as photos, videos, music, documents and many others.
copy files from android phone to computer through es file manager

If you lost data on the phone unexpectedly before data backup or transfer, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung mobile, or this tutorial to retrieve deleted messages on Samsung Android devices. These solutions works with all major Android phones, such as Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus and so on. And they do not require any data backup created in advance.

Part 2. How to transfer files from computer to Android through Wi-Fi for free?

ES file manager can also help you copy files from computer to Android phone over Wi-Fi. To do that, just access your LAN network in ES file manager on Android phone, then browse to the folder on your computer, select and copy them, after that open a folder on your mobile phone using ES file manager and paste the files. If you can’t find the files or do not have access to the folder on computer using ES file manager on Android phone, you can simply go to your computer and copy the files and documents you like to transfer to a specific shared folder which you have access to through ES file manager. Should you have any further inquiries about file sharing or data transfer between mobile phone and computers, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section below.

Files transfer between Android and computer – an EASIER way!

You can also make use of the View on PC or Remote Manager inbuilt utility with ES app for the file sharing. It can converts your Android phone into a virtual FTP server, you can then use a FTP client or your file manager on PC to connect to the ftp server and then download or upload files. Check out more details from this tutorial to transfer documents between Android and PC through FTP.
get ftp address in remote manager on amsung
Now you know how to use ES file manager to transfer or backup files on Android phones. If you are using an iPhone other than Android, you can check out this guide to transfer Photos Videos Music and more files between iPhone and computer for FREE.

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