Transfer files between Android phones using SuperBeam

WiFi Direct is a new wireless file transfer solution that’s much faster than Bluetooth. If you have a Wi-Fi Direct capable Android phone, you can make use of this new technology to share all kinds of files in any format or size, contacts, photos, videos, music, apps, documents and more. Even transferring large files, such as HD photos, movies, HD videos, should take mere seconds. Wi-Fi Direct supports typical Wi-Fi speeds, which can be as high as 250 Mbps. If your phone has the built-in support for file transfer over WiFi Direct, you can share files on the phone without using any third party apps. Samsung Galaxy phones is a good example. You can see how to use WiFi Direct on Samsung phone here. If your phone does not have the built-in support for WiFi direct transfer, or you have trouble sending files between different phones, use a professional WiFi direct transfer app instead. SuperBeam and Send Anywhere are two of the most widely used WiFi direct transfer apps. In this guide, we will use SuperBeam to show how you can transfer files between Android phones over Wi-Fi Direct.

How to transfer files from Android to another through Wi-Fi Direct?

Download and install the SuperBeam from Google Play Store or other Android market, such as Google Play. Run SuperBeam, the Wi-fi direct file sharing app, on your mobile phone, its Send screen opens in the app by default.

superbeam file transfer for android phone

Choose any files you like to share, like files & folders, audio & music, photos, videos, apps, documents, contacts, and confirm, you will then get a QR code and transfer key on the phone screen.

transfer files from android phone via qr code or sharing key using superbeam

On the other device, run SuperBeam, tap to open its sidebar and switch to the Receive mode in the SuperBeam app, you can then scan the QR code which displays on the sender’s phone screen or enter sharing key.

receive files via qr code or sharing key using superbeam on android phone

The selected files and documents will be copied from one phone to the other through Wi-Fi Direct at a blazing fast speed, the typical Wi-Fi speed.

Do I need to turn on Wi-fi Direct manually on the phone?

No. SuperBeam will enable Wi-Fi direct for you automatically.

Can I receive files without SuperBeam on the phone?

Yes. If the recipient does not have SuperBeam installed on the mobile, you can make use of the wireless web share feature for the receiver to download files from your Android device. Once you have selected the files to share via Wi-Fi direct on mobile phone, you will first get a QR code on the phone screen. You need to switch to the Web tab. You will then find two steps to receive files through Wi-Fi direct without the transfer app on the other phone.

Any other WiFi direct file transfer alternatives?

SuperBeam and Send Anywhere are two of the most widely used WiFi direct transfer apps. You can also refer to following guide to share files between Android phones via WiFi direct using Send Anywhere, another powerful and easy to use wireless transfer solution. Unlike SuperBeam which does not allow you to share files between mobile and PC without paying for the Pro version, Superbeam is totally free to use on Android, iOS, Windows phones, Amazon Kindle, Windows PC, Mac, Linux.