How to transfer files between iPhone and your PC?

File sharing between iPhone and Mac is easy. You can use iCloud Drive or AirDrop. Both of them are pre-installed, no third-party tools required. If you use an iPhone and a Windows PC, the file transfer between them could be a daunting task without the right tool. We’ve introduced several free file transfer apps in earlier posts, such as ZAPYA, SHAREit. However they become a bit cluttered and what’s worse you can’t get rid of the annoying ads. Here we recommend a great alternative to them, the LANDrop free file transfer. It is free, cross-platform, wireless, intuitive and easy-to-use. You don’t have to worry about data security or privacy as your files won’t be uploaded to the Internet. Instead they are to be shared peer-to-peer in your local network. You connect both your devices to the same Wi-Fi network or personal hotspot on the phone for the file transfer. It doesn’t use your cellular data.

Go and get this free app onto both your iPhone and PC from previous link. Launch the free transfer app on them. From the LANDrop on iPhone, you should see your PC name under the Devices section, If not, make sure the iPhone and Windows computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

transfer files between iPhone and PC landrop

The Transfer interface opens automatically in LANDrop on iPhone. You can switch to Files or About tab from the bottom. You can send and receive files to and from other devices on this Transfer screen. To manage received files, go to the Files tab.

Sending Files from iPhone to PC

In LANDrop for iOS, tap on Add Image or Add Files button at the top right corner to access your Photo Library or Files app on iPhone. If it is the first time you use LANDrop on iPhone, you will be prompted to grant the app the required permission. After that select photos, videos and other files from your iPhone. Tap on your PC name in the Devices section to send all selected files from iPhone to Windows PC.

Go to LANDrop program on your Windows computer. You will see a notice saying the iPhone would like to share files with you, confirm the handshake code with that on the iPhone, click Yes to receive the files and save them to the Downloads folder on your PC.

Sending Files from Windows PC to iPhone

Once started, you can find LANDrop in the system tray on Windows PC. Click to open the Select Files to be Sent dialog, drag files from your PC to this window, then click Send, choose your iPhone in the Send To device list, and hit Send again. Go to LANDrop on iPhone to receive the files shared from your PC. Photos and videos will be saved to the Photos app. Other files can be found, saved or shared from the Files tab in LANDrop for iOS.