Transfer files between computer and Lenovo phone via FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the most popular way webmasters upload files from computer to website or download files from website to computer. An FTP Client is software you can use to transfer files back-and-forth between computers or servers over the Internet through the FTP protocol. Find more details about what is a FTP client here.  More and more smartphones begin to use this technology to allow users to remotely send files from computer to cell phone or download files from our mobile phones to PC or Mac computer. For instance, we can find the FTP server support on Xiaomi and Redmi phones and you can make use of this feature to transfer files from computer to Xiaomi Redmi phones via FTP wirelessly. In this guide, we will introduce the Lenovo phone remote management feature which is also based on FTP technology. It is built-in Lenovo system, you do not need to install extra app on the phone. It is however disabled by default. Thus in order to transfer files from computer to Lenovo phone through FTP or download files from Lenovo phone to our PC or Mac using a FTP client, we firstly have to enable the FTP server on the phone. Check out details below.

How to transfer files between computer and Lenovo phone through FTP?

Run File Browser app, the stock file manager app, on Lenovo mobile phone. You will open the Category screen by default.

lenovo mobile file browser

Tap on the Menu button (three vertical lines) at the top left corner to expand its main menu.

lenovo mobile file browser main menu

From this screen, you can find the Advanced functions section with extra useful features, such as remote management, network drive and so on. Tap “Remote Management” from the list. You can then enable remote management and the FTP server on Lenovo phone. Note that this requires you to connect your phone to Wi-Fi first. However the FTP file transfer happens in your local network, no personal data will be uploaded to a third party remote server. And because of this, the transfer speed between mobile phone and computer will be blazing fast. You can batch transfer a large number of files between computer and Lenovo phone in seconds or minutes, even photos and videos.

enable remote management on lenovo phone

Touch the Connect button, you will get the remote management FTP address on Lenovo phone, see below screenshot.

lenovo phone remote management ftp address

With the Lenovo phone remote management FTP address, you can run your file explorer or a web browser on the computer to access your files on Lenovo phone. It is the most convenient way you can remotely manage files on your Lenovo phone from computer. Just type in the Lenovo phone remote management FTP address in your desktop file explorer address bar or desktop web browser address bar and press Enter key on the keyboard, you will then be able to browse, copy, paste, delete files on Lenovo phone from your computer. You can also use a professional FTP client to manage files and documents on Lenovo phone. Check out more details as following.

How to upload and download to or from Lenovo phone using FTP client?

There are just so many FTP programs or clients on the market you can choose from. In this demo, we will use FileZilla, which is free and cross-platform, to show you how files can be uploaded from computer to Lenovo phone over wifi, however you can copy data and documents from Lenovo to computer using a FTP client over Wi-Fi. If you are looking for a new FTP client, you can scroll up to the first paragraph and visit the linked article about what is FTP from there.

Run the FTP client on your PC or Mac. Input your Lenovo phone remote management FTP address in the Host box, and input the Lenovo FTP server port number in the Port box, click the Connect button to establish the FTP connection between your phone and computer via the FTP client software.

transfer files computer and lenovo phone via ftp


You will see two columns of the FTP client: Local site and Remote site. The Local site stands for your local computer, PC or Mac; the remote site is your Lenovo smartphone. You can browse to files and documents on both computer and Lenovo mobile. To upload files from computer to Lenovo phone using FTP, select the files on your computer hard drive and folder first, then right click on them to get the context menu, and choose Upload to upload all selected files from computer to Lenovo phone over Wi-Fi.

upload files computer to lenovo phone via ftp

If you want to copy files the other way around, download documents from Lenovo phone to PC or Mac, simply find the source files from the Remote site column, then open the target folder on Local site section, right click on the selected source files and choose the Download option to copy files from Lenovo to computer without any USB connection or USB data cable.