Transfer files between Huawei phone and Mac

We have various methods to send files from phone to computer or the other way around. If you use an iPhone and Mac, AirDrop is your best choice. If you use a Xiaomi or Redmi phone, use the built-in FTP tool. See this tutorial to share files between Xiaomi phone and Mac via FTP. Huawei phones have a similar function built-in which is called Huawei Share.  The purpose of this file transfer tool is to make it easy share files across different operating systems. It turns your smartphone into a file server dedicated to storage. You can access the files on the phone from computers or other mobile phones as long as they are in the same LAN, whether it is Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. In this quick guide, we will discuss how Huawei Share helps us send files from Huawei phone to Mac or from Mac to Huawei mobile phone wirelessly.

Enable Huawei Share on the phone

Unlock your mobile phone, open Settings, choose Device connection from the list. Find and tap on Huawei Share. On the Huawei Share screen, you can firstly turn on Huawei Share, then enable Computer Share.

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Once the Computer share is enabled, computers on the same network can also discover you and access your files using Network Neighbourhood. This feature needs to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When you turn on Huawei Share, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be enabled. BTW, when you turn off Huawei Share, neither Wi-Fi connection nor Bluetooth will be disabled. 

Name shown on computers is the name of your Huawei phone that will be shown to computers when they access your mobile. You can change it if need. Verification on computers gives you the default username and password required to access Huawei phone from PC or Mac. 

Connect Huawei phone from a Mac

Go to Finder on Mac, you should see the Network in the Locations section at the left panel. Click Network, your Huawei phone is listed. Double click your Huawei phone name, click on Connect As, then enter the username and password to connect. 

Share files between Huawei and Mac

After the authentication, you can browser files and folders on Huawei phone from Mac Finder. Copy files from Huawei to Mac or the other way around. In this way, you can easily load off photos, videos and many other files from Huawei phone to computer or upload files from computer to your mobile.

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