Transfer files between LG phone and computer via Bluetooth

Bluetooth comes in handy when you want to share a few files and documents between mobile phones or between a phone and a PC/Mac. It does not require any third party file transfer apps, you can directly create a Bluetooth connection between two Bluetooth enabled devices. It is wireless, no cable required. Also it does not need a Wi-Fi network or internet. Best of all, it comes pre-loaded on almost all smartphones for free. To use Bluetooth to exchange files and data between multiple devices is completely free. To transfer files between LG mobile hone and computer via Bluetooth is just like any other Android powered devices. You firstly need to establish the Bluetooth connection between your phone and computer; then send the file from phone to PC or the other way around via Bluetooth.

Step 1. Pair LG phone with Windows 10 PC over Bluetooth

In this guide, we will use a Windows 10 computer to demonstrate how to connect LG mobile to Windows 10 and thus exchange files between them. Click the Start menu in Windows 10, then choose Settings >> Devices.

windows 10 devices settings

Click Bluetooth to see the Bluetooth settings. Here you can turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10 or disable Bluetooth, manage Bluetooth devices, search for Bluetooth devices, pair and unpair Bluetooth devices, change Bluetooth settings in Windows 10.

windows 10 bluetooth settings manage bluetooth devices

To make your PC visible to nearby devices, click More Bluetooth options link as shown above to to change Bluetooth settings on your PC.

windows 10 bluetooth settings

When the Options tab opens, you can find several useful options that you need to enable. The Discovery will allow Bluetooth devices to find your PC. Notification will alert you when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect to the Windows 10 PC. You should also enable to show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area on Windows 10 PC, so you can send and receive files easier.

On your LG mobile phone, pull down the Status bar & notification panel from the top of your phone screen. Then touch the Bluetooth icon to enable Bluetooth on LG mobile and the Bluetooth device search, pair and management dialogue pops up on your phone screen. Alternatively head to Settings >> Network >> Bluetooth to access Bluetooth management panel on LG phone.

search, pair, manage bluetooth devices on lg mobile phone

Your LG phone will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices once you turn on Bluetooth on the phone. If you have enabled the Discovery option in the Bluetooth settings on Windows 10 computer, your computer will be found and listed under the Available Devices section on your LG phone. Tap on your PC name to beginning pair your phone with PC. The Bluetooth pairing request will be sent from LG phone to PC with a passkey. Make sure this passkey matches the number on your computer to confirm and accept the Bluetooth connection on your PC.

lg mobile to pc bluetooth pairing request & passkey

Transfer files between LG phone and computer via Bluetooth

You can transfer various files between LG mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth once you have created the Bluetooth connection between them. For example, to transfer pictures and videos from LG phone to PC, launch the Gallery app on your LG phone. Choose the photo or video you want to send, tap the Share icon to bring up the Share via menu where you can find various tools to send the selected photo or videos on LG phone. Choose Bluetooth, then the Bluetooth menu appears. You can select a Bluetooth device here to send the media files to. Tap your computer name and pair LG phone to PC to start the transfer. If the computer to receive your file from phone was already paired, it would be on the list of PAIRED DEVICES. Tap the computer name to start the transfer.

On your PC end, click the upward arrow icon at the task bar on Windows 10, then click on Bluetooth icon from the pop-up menu, you will then find many Bluetooth options, such as add a Bluetooth device, show Bluetooth devices, send a file, receive a file, open settings, etc. When you are going to send files from LG phone to computer via Bluetooth, choose Receive a file to open the Bluetooth File Transfer window on your computer to receive files sent from your mobile phone.

send and receive files on windows 10 via bluetooth

It is not only photos, videos or the Gallery app. Any apps supporting the Share feature can send files via Bluetooth connection from LG mobile phone.

LG mobile phone Bluetooth vs USB transfer

For bulk file transfer or backup from LG mobile phone to computer or sending large files from PC to phone, the directly USB connection and transfer is more efficient. You can follow this guide to transfer files from LG phone to computer via USB.

Can’t find LG phone or PC via Bluetooth?

The LG mobile phone has to have Bluetooth turned on and the Bluetooth screen in display to pair, otherwise your computer or other devices can’t find your LG phone.

If your PC can’t be found on the LG phone, go to More Bluetooth options on computer and enable the Discovery – Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC.

Start file transfer over Bluetooth from LG phone to PC

For the PC to receive a file through Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right corner of your computer screen, and select ‘Receive a file‘. Then go to select files on your LG phone and choose share via Bluetooth, select your PC to receive, then a connection pops up on your PC, and start the file transfer from the phone.

Start file transfer over Bluetooth from PC to LG phone

To send a file from PC to LG phone is easier. You can start with the file to share, right click on it, choose Send to from the drop-down menu, then select Bluetooth device, and select the LG phone to receive the file transfer through Bluetooth.

More wireless transfer solutions for LG phones

Other than Bluetooth, you can also share files between mobile phone and PC using Shareit which makes use of WiFi hotspot for data exchange. It is much faster than Bluetooth. You can find more details from this guide to transfer files on Android phones via WiFi hotspot.

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