Transfer files between your LG phone and computer via USB

If you want to directly copy files, such as music, pictures, videos, between LG mobile and a computer, you can connect your phone to computer using the supplied USB cable, then access your phone’s storage from the File Explorer on your PC.

On your computer, your mobile should be detected as a new device. You can find and access your phone just like your local hard disks. If your LG phone is empty when viewed from PC. Make sure to activate the appropriate file transfer mode on the phone.

On your LG phone, you should see following notification upon USB connection to the computer:

Tap to change USB options.

To change the option, slide the Notification panel down from the top of your LG phone, tap it in the Notifications window to open the USB settings, and then tap the desired option from the USB PC connection window. For most transfers between PC and LG mobile, you’ll want to use File transfer, such as the transfer of documents and media files. If you only want to copy photos, videos from LG phone to computer, choose Photo Transfer.

change usb connection options on lg mobile phone

You can browse through your folders on your LG phone and copy files and folders from phone to computer or verse visa just like you copy files between two hard drives on your local machine.

More LG phone and PC connectivity and file transfer options

Other than data exchange via USB, you can also connect your LG phone to computer via Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth for file transfer. For example, you can make use of WiFi hotspot to transfer files between phone and PC using SHAREit app, a free and wireless file sharing solution.

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    1. the USB cable you use to charge the phone. it should come with your phone when you buy it. some are Micro USB, some are USB Type-C, different phones may provide different usb cables.

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