Transfer files between mobile phones using SHAREIT without Wi-Fi or internet connection

I was finished set up the new HTC phone and was preparing for the content migration from my old Samsung Galaxy mobile to the HTC phone. My favorite file transfer app is SHAREit. SHAREit is a free mobile phone file transfer tool. This files sharing app works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, Windows PC, Mac computers. You can find more details and download this free file transfer app from this link.

We have several articles talking about how this free app can help mobile phones users easily transit their data from one device to another. For example if you want to back up files from phone to PC or import files and documents from computer to the phone, you can follow these steps to transfer files between mobile phones and PC. It is very straightforward and easy to use. And best of all, it is totally free.

One common issue with data sharing between different phones is that most data transfer app work with either Wi-Fi or cellular data. Unlike many other data exchange or transfer applications, this one does not require USB data cable, Wi-Fi network or your mobile data. It can create a network automatically so all your devices can get connected in the same WLAN for fast data sharing. We have this issue covered in this guide to transfer media files between mobile phones using SHAREit app for free.

Does this file transfer app work with portable Wi-Fi hotspot?

Yes. If you can enable your mobile hotspot on the phone, you can also connect the other phone to the hotspot and then run this free data transfer app to send over your files and documents between them. If you do not have a SIM card on the phone, this may not work, as hotspot require SIM cards to operate. Also a wireless hotspot may not be available in all regions or with your mobile operator. For instance, we have this tutorial about how you can setup wireless hotspot on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phones. Some users find this feature is not available on their devices.

So if you can’t setup the mobile hotspot, this file transfer app will still work as it has the built-in hotspot feature. Just go to turn your phone into the data receiving mode, the wi-fi hotspot will be configured automatically. It works like regular portable Wi-Fi hotspot for our smartphones.
shareit app receiving mode on android phone

You do not need to manually configure the mobile hotspot. It can create a network automatically. Once the hotspot is ready, connect other devices to this Wi-Fi hotspot like you connect them to a common Wi-Fi network. Then start fast data sharing between them.

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    After turning off my wifi, I was trying to share a movie to my friends phone with SHARE it. But every time was getting auto connecting with wifi. I was so much fed up. What should I do in such situation. May I have any adiveces pls?

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