Transfer files between Xiaomi & Redmi and Mac via Bluetooth

Bluetooth has proved itself to be competitive as compared to other file sharing methods. Almost all computers and smartphones provide native support to Bluetooth. If you have a Redmi or Xiaomi phone and a Mac computer, you can easily transfer files between them via Bluetooth. It is wireless, fast and free, no extra app required. Windows users can refer to this guide to transfer photos, videos between Xiaomi and Windows PC via Bluetooth here. You can send almost any files on your phone and computer via Bluetooth, photos, videos, music, books, apps, documents, PDF files and more.

To send files between two devices via Bluetooth, you need to firstly turn on Bluetooth share on both of them. Then pair them together via Bluetooth. Select files from one device, send them via Bluetooth, select the receiving device, finally accept the transfer on the receiving device. Check out more details below.

Transfer files from Mac to Xiaomi & Redmi via Bluetooth

On you Mi phone, go to Settings >> Bluetooth, tap the ON/OFF toggle to turn on Bluetooth on Xiaomi or Redmi mobile.

On your Mac, click the Apple menu from the top menu bar, choose System Preferences … >> Bluetooth, click Turn Bluetooth On if it is currently set to Off. After that your Mac will be discoverable and you can find your Xiaomi or Redmi phone in the Devices list. See below screenshot.

turn on bluetooth and connect device on macbook

Click Connect button, you will get the pairing code, a 6 digits number, on Mac. Meanwhile the Bluetooth pairing request will be sent to your Xiaomi or Redmi phone. Tap on Pair button on Xiaomi phone to confirm and accept the connection. On your Mac computer, you will see the status of your Xiaomi or Redmi phone is ‘Connected‘ now.

To send photos, videos or other files from Mac to Xiaomi phone, right click on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone name in the Devices list on the Mac Bluetooth settings screen, choose Send File to Device…, then select photos, videos, music or other files in the file selection window to open. Click Send button at the bottom right corner to send all selected files from Mac to Xiaomi or Redmi phone via Bluetooth.

send files from macbook to xiaomi redmi mobile via bluetooth

On your Mi phone, you will be notified to accept the incoming file(s). Pull down the notification menu, tap the Bluetooth transfer notification, tap Accept to save the incoming files from the Mac computer.

Transfer files from Xiaomi & Redmi to Mac via Bluetooth

Now your Xiaomi or Redmi phone and Mac are connected together via Blueooth. In order to send files from Xiaomi or Redmi phone to Mac via Blueooth, you need also to turn on the Bluetooth Sharing on Mac.

On your Mac, go to Apple menu >> System Preferences… >> Sharing, click to select and enable Bluetooth Sharing. You should also decide on what to do with received files, which folder to save accepted items, and decide on your Bluetooth browsing policy. See below screenshot.

turn on bluetooth sharing on macbook

Now to to select the files from Gallery, Mi File Manager or other apps on Xiaomi or Redmi phone, choose Send >> Bluetooth, select your Mac computer name from the “Choose Bluetooth device” screen to send selected files from Xiaomi or Redmi phone to Mac through Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth transfer policy is set to accept and save files, the files sent from Mi phone will be saved to the specified folder on Mac automatically.

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