Transfer and import VCF contacts to Samsung mobile

VCF contacts file is very user friendly. We can this this contact file format is widely used in all kinds of email service, mobile phones, email clients, computers. You can use a text editor to edit them. You can attach them to email and send to any devices you have. In this guide, we will talk about how you can transfer and import VCF contacts to Samsung mobile phone through email.

Transfer and import VCF contacts to Samsung mobile

Once you have save contacts as VCF files on computer, you can connect up your Samsung phone via USB cable, then copy the VCF files on PC and paste them to a folder on Samsung mobile phone. After that, you can directly open the VCF file in My Files app on Samsung and import contacts to Samsung Contacts app. Alternatively you can also send the VCF files to yourself from PC to Samsung mobile. If you do not have a valid email account configured, you can refer to this guide to set up Hotmail on Samsung mobile and this tutorial to add Yahoo Mail account to Samsung.

Then connect your Samsung to a Wi-fi network or its cellular network to receive this email on the phone. The VCF contact file can be found in the mail attachment as shown in below screenshot.

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open and preview vcf contacts in email on samsung mobile
When you open the email attachment and find the VCF files on Samsung cell phone, you can choose to download the VCF file to Samsung storage, then open the VCF file using My Files app and import contacts from VCF to Samsung phone from there. You can also choose to open or preview VCF file in email on the Samsung mobile. Then choose the Contacts app to complete the action. After that, your Contacts app on Samsung will open the VCF file. Touch the Save button, you will get a pop-up dialogue where you can create contacts from the VCF file on your Samsung device.

import vcf contacts from email to samsung mobile phone

If your contacts are saved as multiple separated VCF files, you can merge all VCF files into one file, then copy or transfer the combine VCF file to Samsung and import all contacts from VCF file to Samsung in just one go.

As we mentioned at the first beginning of this article, VCF contacts files are very user friendly. You can freely transfer them between various devices and computers. See also this guide to import VCF contact files to iPhone via email. The process is almost the same This is probably the easiest solution you can transfer VCF files to an iOS device.