Transfer iTunes Backup from Mac to Android phone

Once you have got a new Android phone to replace your old iPhone, you may need to transfer your iPhone data to this new Android phone. But what if the iPhone is unavailable any more? There won’t be any problem if you have an iTunes backup file. We can transfer iTunes backup data from Mac to an Android phone easily with an app named Mobile Transfer for Mac. It is user friendly and simple to use. Below steps will guide you how to use it to do the data transfer or restore from iTunes to Android mobile on Mac. If you are a Windows user, you should refer to this tutorial to restore iTunes backup to Android phones on PC.

How to transfer data from iTunes Backup to Android phone?

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Transfer on your Mac

Below is a free trial version of Mobile Transfer for Mac for you to download and install on your Mac. It is a professional app designed dedicatedly for managing mobile data, such as data transferring, backing up, restoring and erasing. It is a secured app and you do not need to worry about any virus problem. With this free trial version, you can see how simple it can be to transfer data from iTunes backup file to an Android phone transfer and backup software for mac

Step 2. Launch Mobile Transfer and enter the restoration mode

Once the app is launched on your Mac, you can see that there are four modes listed on the homepage, including Transfer from phone to phone, Restore from backup file, Back up your phone, and erase your old phone. Click the Restore from backup file mode, and it will show a list of backup files. Click the iTunes backup file among the list to go to the restoration mode.

restore backups to phone using mobile transfer for mac

Step 3. Connect Android phone to Mac via USB cable

On the restoration page, connect your Android phone to Mac using USB cable. If there is some problem with the connection, just click CANNOT RECOGNIZE THE DEVICE to seek for solution. Normally, all you need to do is to follow the tips to enable USB DEBUGGING on your Android phone. Once the USB DEBUGGING is done, click OK on pop-up the instruction window, and then the connection will be successful.

restore iphone itunes backup to android phone using mobile transfer

Step 4. Select data and transfer them from iTunes backup to Android phone

Once you are in the restoration mode, the app will start scanning your Mac for the available iTunes backup files. Select the iTunes backup file of your iPhone and the app will then scan the backup file and then show all the available data in the middle of the window. Select the data you need, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, etc, and then click Transfer button at the bottom of the content list field. It will keep you posted with the proceeding percentage. Once the transfer is done, you can close this app and check your Android phone then. The data you’ve selected will be fully and successfully transferred.

See how simple it is to transfer iTunes backup data to your new Android phone? All you have to do is only several simple clicks. With this App, the iTunes backup means much more important than it could be before. In fact, if you have backed up content from iPhone to iCloud, you can also refer to this guide to restore iCloud backup to Android phones using the same software with similar steps.

Besides transfer backup data from iTunes backup file to Android phone, Mobile Transfer also allows you to transfer mobile data from one phone to another directly. For instance, this page shows the easy steps to batch copy data between Samsung and Lenovo phones. This app supports nearly all kinds of smart phones, including iPhone, Android phone, windows phone, Blackberry phone etc. Whatever phones you have, you can just connect them to the free trial version of this app to see if they are supported. The data that can be transferred mainly are contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos etc. It will save you a great deal of trouble if you are using iPhone due to the iDevices limitation. Mobile Transfer can also help you to erase the mobile data from your old phones permanently and no tools will be able to recover them. This mode helps protect the privacy of your mobile data before you sell or give off your old phones to others. Further more, you can use this App to do backup and restoration for nearly all your phones, which save you from the trouble of learning each dedicated way of how to do the backup and restoration of each dedicated phone brand or phone model. See this guide to backup and restore Lenovo phones, just as an example. And for most of its functions, this app can be used offline. To sum up, if you have two or more smart phones on hand, this Mobile Transfer is a great helper to manage your phones. It is really worthy to own one to enjoy the convenience it offers.