Transfer music from Android to iPhone using Tunesgo

If you are an Android user and thinking about moving to iPhone, you may be concerned about data migration from Android to iPhone, photos, videos, contacts, music and so on. Tunesgo, a professional phone data manager, makes the data transfer extremely easy. It works with both Android and iOS devices. You can use it to copy music, playlist, photos, videos and contacts from one phone to another in merely several clicks. Music transfer from Android to iPhone using this software couldn’t be easier. In this article, we will show you how to move your songs from an Android phone to iPhone using Tunesgo and a few alternative methods.

Batch transfer all songs from Android to iPhone

Download and install the phone transfer tool on to your PC or Mac first. It is the only software you will need to get. No other apps on the phone required. You need to connect both phones to computer via USB. This is not a wireless transfer solution. USB cables also required in the music transfer from Android to iPhone. Then run the phone data migration program on computer to select and copy songs from one phone to another, in this case from your old Android phone to your new iPhone.

On your Android powered smart phones, you will also be give instructions on the software screen to turn on USB debugging before the music transfer program can access your personal files on the Android device. Note that USB debugging is one of the most frequently used options belong to the Developer options on Android phones, and the steps to enable Developer options and USB debugging differ across various Android versions. You can simply follow the on-screen tips to turn this feature on and proceed to below steps to send music files from Android to iPhone.

Once both Android and iPhone are connected to computer via USB, the file management and transfer tool for Android & iOS can detect your phones. To move music from Android to iPhone, click the down arrow at the top left corner to bring up the Android phone as the current device, could it be a Samsung galaxy phone, LG phone, HTC phone, Nexus, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei or else. Then at the home tab of the music transfer software, your Android phone displays along with several other quick tools to backup phone, transfer data, etc. Phone to Phone Transfer is one of the useful tools you can find here. Another way you can access the phone transfer tool within this file management program is to jump into the Toolbox tab, then choose Phone Transfer and start transferring contents to other devices.

android to iphone data transfer using tunesgo

The Phone Transfer opens in a pop-up dialogue where the current phone, your Android phone, will show up at the left side as the source phone to copy music songs from. You need to select your iPhone as the target device on the right side. After that click the Next button to select contents you want to transfer. This phone transfer tool supports various files and documents. Except music, it can also migrate your photos, videos, playlist, contacts from an old phone to a new phone. Select Music and uncheck other file types you do not wish to copy over. Finally hit the Transfer button at the bottom right corner to beginning copying songs from Android phone to iPhone.

transfer music between mobile phones using tunesgo

Following above steps, you can easily copy all music from one phone to another. You do not have the option to select and transfer only certain songs or tracks. If want you want to send over is just part of the songs, or certain albums other than all tracks or albums, continue reading more details below.

Select and transfer any songs from Android to iPhone

When you like to selectively copy some songs from Android phone to iPhone, you can firstly select and export the music track from Android phone to PC or Mac, then import the song(s) from computer to iPhone. To do that, switch from the Home to the Music tab in Tunesgo, you can then find options to export music songs from Android and iPhone or import songs from add songs to Android and iPhone. See this tutorial to transfer files between computer and iPhone for more details.

import or export music to/from iphone via tunesgo

Batch transfer music from Android to iPhone using MobileTransfer

MobileTransfer is a great alternative to Tunesgo, it can also help you copy all music from Android phone to iPhone in just several clicks. This software however does not come with the freedom to allow users to pick up certain files and copy them from phone to phone or export selected files from phone to computer for backup.

Transfer songs between Android and iPhone using other tools

Except the methods above, there are many other tools can also help you send music from one phone to another, such as Bluetooth, email, a chat app. Check out following guide to send music via WeChat from Android phone, and this tutorial to transfer music using WhatsApp on Android phone. If you have a file management app on the phone, you may also find similar file sharing utilities with them.