Copy Music to another iPhone iPad iPod

Many Apple users have multiple iOS devices, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can use iTunes or iCloud to keep all your iPhone iPad or iPod in sync with eath other. However if you want to share only certain files, iCloud or iTunes can not help. In this guide, we will discuss music sharing between different iPhone, iPad and iPod. For example you downloaded some nice songs want to share with another iPhone users, how to copy or transfer the specific songs from iPhone to iPhone without sync your device. We will demonstrate how to copy music, photos and videos over to another iOS device without iTunes or iCloud. You can refer to this guide if you want to transfer music from iOS to Android, Nokia, Blackberry and other phones.

Transfer music from iPhone iPod iPad to each other

To freely share music songs between different iPhone iPad iPod, you need to download and use TunesGo iOS transfer tool. You can download and install it on to your PC or Mac below.

How can TunesGo transfer help?

To use this transfer tool, you need to connect your iOS device to computer via USB, you can then export music from iPhone to computer or import music from PC or Mac to iPhone. You can also export many other content, files or data from an iPhone iPad iPod to computer, then import other content to another iPhone iPad iPod. For music exchange between iPhone iPad and iPod, it is probably the easiest solution you can ever find. As you need to only connect both devices to computer and then one-click to copy music from iPhone iPad iPod to each other.

Step 1. Connect both the target and source iPhone iPad or iPod to computer.

Use your USB data cord to connect up your iOS devices. TunesGo can then automatically recognize your devices and display them in its main interface. See screenshots below:

copy and share music between iphone ipad ipod

Step 2. Copy music from iPhone iPad or iPod to another iPhone iPad or iPod.

Click the iOS device where you have the music songs saved from the left navigation panel. You will find three options at the bottom: Copy music to iTunes, Copy music to folder on computer, Copy music to other device. Click the third option, you will transfer all music on the current iPhone iPad or iPod to another iPhone iPad or iPod connected.

copy music to another iphone ipad ipod

Now you know how to transfer music songs between different iOS devices. You can follow above instructions to transfer music from iPhone to iPad, from iPad to iPhone, from iPhone/iPad to iPod or vice versa.

How to share specific music between iPhone iPod iPad?

Sometimes you may want to send certain songs to another iPhone iPod or iPad, or share specific music with other iPhone iPod or iPad users. In this case, you can go to the Media section of the source iOS device, open the Music tab, select songs you like to share, then click the Export to button above to save them to a folder on your computer hard disk.

export music from iphone ipad ipod to computer

After that open the Media section of the target iOS device, open the Music tab, then click the Add button to import the music songs from computer to your destination device. Drag-n-drop is allowed, so you can simply drag and drop selected music from iPhone iPod or iPad to computer to export songs, drag and drop selected music from computer to iPhone iPod or iPad to import songs. Except music, you can also use the same method to copy photos and videos from one iOS devices to another. Enjoy the easy transfer with this powerful iOS content manager.