How to transfer music from iphone to computer with or without iTunes?

Generally you have two ways to transfer music from iPhone to computer with or without iTunes for Windows or Mac. iTunes can help you copy all purchases from iPhonet to computer in a batch mode, including apps, music, movies, books, podcasts and so on. It however does not give you the freedom to select and transfer some, multiple or mull music songs from iPhone to PC or Mac. Thus in this guide we will also introduce a great iTunes alternative to help you transfer music from iPhone to computer in an easier and smarter way. If you want to transfer other files, such as photos, videos, books, documents, don’t miss out this guide to transfer files from laptop to iPhone.

How to transfer music from iphone to computer with iTunes?

You can run iTunes on your PC or Mac, then connect iPhone to computer through USB. After that go to File menu >> Devices >> Transfer Purchases from iPhone to quickly copy everything you purchased on iPhone to iTunes software on your computer with the music songs you purchased in iTunes store on iPhone.

transfer purchases including music songs from iphone to itunes library

iTunes music Sync & transfer disadvantages

This method to transfer music from iPhone to PC or Mac seems to be easy. But it is very slow. It copies not only all your music, but also many other files. If you want merely to load off couple of music from iPhone, this is not a good option. What’s more it can’t transfer music you get or download from third party resources, such as the music you transferred from computer to iPhone. By the way, you can find out how to transfer music from computer to iPhone with or without iTunes here. Sometimes you may not work to use iTunes to play or manage your music on PC or Mac. Many poeple have their favorite music program or manager on computer other than iTunes. If you use iTunes to load off music from iPhone, it can’t save your music to a folder on your computer so you have no way to easily transfer or manage them without iTunes. Want a more flexible way to selectively transfer any songs from iPhone to Mac or PC or transfer iPhone music to any folder on computer you like? Check below solution instead.

How to transfer music from iphone to computer without iTunes?

TunesGo Retro is a great iTunes alternative. It does the data transfer job better, easier. We highly recommend it for its easy of use, greater freedom and flexibility. It can copy your entire music library from iPhone to computer or selectively choose and download any music from iPhone to computer. It can not only transfer music from iPhone to iTunes directly, but also gives you the freedom to transfer music from iPhone to any folder on computer.

How to transfer all music from iPhone to computer folders?

Connect iPhone to your PC or Mac through USB, then run this iOS manager software on computer. Click To Folder (copy music to folder) at the bottom of TunesGo home page. You will then get a pop-up window where you can select a folder on PC or Mac to save iPhone music. It can copy all your music from iPhone to a folder on computer, including your own music that were synced from computer to iPhone before and music purchased from iTunes Store. So you can freely play these music using any music players on your computer to transfer them from computer to any other portable devices or players, such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung phone, HTC phones, LG phones and many more.
transfer music from iphone to computer folder through tunesgo retro

How to transfer any music from iPhone to computer folders?

If you want to download certain music or multiple music tracks other than the whole music library or playlist from iPhone to computer, you can also do that. Click on Media >> Music, then select any songs from iPhone, click Export to button to choose a folder on your PC or Mac to save the selected songs from iPhone.

transfer any music from iphone-to to computer using tunesgo retro