Transfer music between Lenovo phone and PC via Bluetooth

Bluetooth transfer is very handy when you want to exchange files between mobile phones and computers. Almost all smartphones and computers are Bluetooth enabled. To transfer files and documents between mobile phone and computer via Bluetooth, you do not need a USB data cable, no internet or Wi-Fi router required. What you need to do is to enable Bluetooth on both mobile phone and computer, then pair the phone to computer and transfer files between them. In this post, we will use a Lenovo mobile phone and a Windows 10 PC to show you how to do it.

Transfer music between Lenovo phone and PC via Bluetooth

To turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10, click the Start menu, choose Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth, then click the toggle to enable Bluetooth on your PC.

windows 10 bluetooth settings manage bluetooth devices

Except that, click the More Bluetooth Options from above screen, then click Options, we recommend you to enable all the three options under this tab including:

  • Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC;
  • Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect;
  • Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

windows 10 bluetooth settings

On the mobile phone end, open the Settings app, turn on Bluetooth on Lenovo phone. Then tap the Bluetooth to access the device connection screen. Your phone will automatically scan for nearby Bluetooth enabled devices. Find and choose your PC from the Available Devices section, you will see the Bluetooth pairing request pop-up dialogue with the passkey. Meanwhile you should see a passkey comparison prompt on the computer end. If the two passkey match, you need to confirm it from your computer, and touch the Pair button on your Lenovo phone to pair the two devices via Bluetooth.

lenovo phone and pc bluetooth pairing request and passkey

Now you can go to send music from Lenovo phone to PC via Bluetooth or transfer songs from PC to Lenovo mobile phone via Bluetooth. To send music from Lenovo phone to PC, open the built-in File Browser app on the phone to find the songs you like to send, long press to select the songs, touch More…, then choose Send, a Complete action using dialogue show up, choose Bluetooth, see below figure.

send music via bluetooth from lenovo mobile phone

You will then see the Bluetooth device chooser screen on the phone with all available Bluetooth enabled devices for your choice. Choose the connect computer, then the selected songs will be sent from phone to PC through Bluetooth.

bluetooth device chooser on lenovo mobile phone

On the computer end, you can right click on the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right corner of the taskbar, then choose Receive a File to receive any file transfer from Lenovo phone via Bluetooth, see below screenshot.

send files on windows 10 via bluetooth

To send music songs from PC to Lenovo phone works quite similar. Open the File Explorer on your Windows PC, browse to the hard drive and folder where your songs are stored. Select the songs you like to transfer, right click on them, choose Send to from the context menu, then choose Bluetooth device, you will see a Bluetooth device selection dialogue just like the one on your Lenovo phone above. Pick up the connected Lenovo phone, then a File Transfer notice will be sent to your Lenovo phone. You can pull up the notification panel on your phone, tap to open this file transfer notice and confirm to accept the music transfer from PC to Lenovo phone, the songs will be saved to a Bluetooth folder which you can find from the root directory of the File Browser app on Lenovo device.

Transfer more files between Lenovo phone and computer

In fact, you can exchange many other kinds of data between your phone and PC through Bluetooth, such as Office documents, PDF files, sound recordings, photos, videos, and so on. Check out this guide to transfer photos and videos between Lenovo phone and PC via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth transfer has its own drawbacks, for example, you can’t access or transfer the text messages, call history, calendar event, apps, app logs from mobile phone via Bluetooth. To back up these data, you can refer to this tutorial to back up Lenovo phone to computer.

Should you have any question about data backup and transfer from or to Lenovo mobile phone, leave us a message in the comment section below.