How to Transfer Music to iPad?

There are many websites you can download music for free. Apple iTunes store also offer free music download. You can refer to this guide to get free iTunes music songs. The best way to transfer music songs from computer to iPad is via iTunes. Once your ipad is connected to a laptop or desktop computer, the iPad will automatically sync with the iTunes library on your computer, or you can change the configuration settings for manual media synchronization. After the synchronization is complete, your music is stored in the Music app on the iPad. Please note The iPod app is for the first generation of ipad, iPod app is gone since iPad. The Music app took it’s place.

Whether transfer music to iPad from your computer or create playlists and organize your music, the iPad has made music management very easy. You can simply follow bellow instructions to copy music to iPad. Alternatively you can also refer to this complete guide with illustrations to transfer music from computer to iPhone iPad iPod touch with or without iTunes.

Steps to transfer music audio from computer to iPad

itunes sync music

Step 1. Plug the tab let’s USB cable into the bottom connector of the iPad, and plug the other end into your computer’s USB port.

Step 2. Download iTunes onto your computer if not yet, then start the iTunes program and complete the iPad registration, checking the options you want to have.

Step 3. Click on your iPad name, in the left hand column of the iTunes interface. The middle section should now be blank if you have no songs already on your iPad. If there are some, they will appear in a list in the middle section.

Step 4: Click “Library”, which should appear at the top of the left hand column. Here, you’ll see any songs you have copied into your iTunes library from your CDs or other sources.

Step 5: Add music to your iPad from your CDs by inserting a CD into your computer CD drive and click the pop up “Import” button to copy those songs into your library. You can then select songs by title or album and drag them onto the name of your iPad to move them there.

Step 6: Purchase music tracks from the iTunes store to add new music songs you don’t have on CD directly to your iTunes library and then onto your iPad.

Useful iPad tips:

1. If this is the first time you’ve connected it to your PC, you may get a message asking you to reboot your computer. Do so; you won’t need to follow that step next time.

2. The new iTunes for iPad can be found from Apple’s iTunes download page or Software Update on your Mac or PC.

3. It’s a good idea to name your iPad when prompted, rather than leaving the default model number, so you can easily find it from your iTunes app on your computer.

4. If you are tired of some music on iPad, you can refer to this guide to easily delete music songs on iPad.