Transfer photos PC to iPhone with or without iTunes

If you want to put photos from computer to iPhone, you can either use iTunes, the Apple official app for Mac, or third party apps such as those photo transfer apps, iOS manager tools, iOS transfer tools. In this guide we will show you how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone with or without iTunes.

Check out this list if you want to tranfer other files between iPhone iPad and computers using iTunes or other transfer tools.

Transfer photos from PC to iPhone with iTunes

1) Firstly go to create a folder on the PC hard drive and put all the photos you like to transfer into this folder.

Note: If you want to send a few photos to iPhone, you can simply email yourself the photos on computer, them download them on iPhone via email.

2) Connect your iPhone to the PC with the cable, the iTunes on your PC should automatically get started. You can manually run the iTunes app if it fails to do so.

3) Your iPhone will be listed in the left Device section on the main iTunes interface, click on your iPhone name.

transfer photos from computer to ipad iphone with itunes

4) Select the Photos tab in the right panel.

5) Tick the Sync Photos from option, then choose the folder you have created at the very first beginning.

6) Click the Apply button from the bottom right to start syncing photos from your PC to iPhone.
If you are using an iPad, check out this guide: How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad?

Transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes

If iTunes transfer or sync does seem easy to use for you, there are many great iPhone transfer tools you can choose. We recommend TunesGo iOS manager. It is a great iTunes alternative, you will love it as many other users do. It can transfer files from iPhone to computer, from iPhone to another iPhone, iPad, iPod, from computer or another iOS device to iPhone in a way much easier than iTunes.

To transfer photos from PC to iPhone using Tunesgo, run this iPhone transfer tool on your PC, then connect your iPhone to computer via USB. Tunesgo will detect your iPhone connection and you can find your iPhone displayed in Tunesgo. Go to its Photo tab from the left navigation panel, click the Add button on the top tool bar, you will open a pop-up dialogue where you can select photos from your local photo library on computer, then simply select any photos and transfer them from computer to iPhone. See below screenshot.

transfer photos from PC to iPhone using Tunesgo

You can also open your photo album on your PC, then select the photos you like to transfer, then drag and drop them from computer to the Photos section of iPhone, this will copy all selected photos from PC to iPhone. Very easy and straightforward tool to share files between iPhone and computer. If you are using Mac, check out this tutorial: How to transfer photos and videos from Mac to iPhone? TunesGo can not only help you with photo transfer, but also video, music, contacts, SMS messages, etc.