Transfer Photos Videos & Files between Lenovo phone and PC through Bluetooth

There are various ways you can exchange files and documents between mobile phones and computers. If you are using a Lenovo mobile phone, you can directly connect up your phone to computer via USB data cord and copy files between them. You can also send files from phone to PC or from PC to phone via emails, Dropbox and more tools. In fact for casual data sharing between Lenovo phone and PC, Bluetooth is a great option. You can enable Bluetooth on both Lenovo phone and computer, then send files between them wirelessly. No data cable or Wi-Fi network required! In this article, we will show you how to share photos, videos and more files between Lenovo phone and Windows PC via Bluetooth.

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Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 PC

We will use a Windows 10 computer in this demo. Other Windows OS works almost the same, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. WSe are using a Lenovo phone and a Lenovo PC in this demo. It does matter if you use other PC or computers, such as HP PC, IBM, Dell, Sony PC, Samsung PC, ASUS PC, Acer, or else as long as you are running the Windows system on your PC.

Click the Start menu in Windows 10, then choose Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth. Then click the toggle to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10.

windows 10 bluetooth settings manage bluetooth devices

Click More Bluetooth Options link as shown above to change Bluetooth settings on your PC. Under the Options tab, you can enable the following options:

  • Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC;
  • Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect;
  • Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

windows 10 bluetooth settings

Enable Bluetooth on Lenovo phone

Unlock your Lenovo mobile phone, tap to launch the Settings, touch the toggle to turn on Bluetooth on Lenovo phone.

turn on bluetooth on lenovo mobile phone

Connect Lenovo phone and Windows PC via Bluetooth

This is the most critical part of file sharing between mobile phone and computer via Bluetooth. Now you have enabled Bluetooth on both mobile phone and computer and you need to pair the two devices via Bluetooth.

Make Lenovo phone visible

We have already showed you how to make the Windows PC visible to other Bluetooth devices above. Now we need to do the same thing on our mobile phone. Tap on the Bluetooth from Lenovo phone >> Settings, this will open the Bluetooth devices management screen on Lenovo mobile phone. By default your Lenovo phone is not visible to other Bluetooth enabled devices nearly. The first step to pair your Lenovo phone to PC is to make your phone visible. Tap on your Lenovo phone name, you will find the text below the phone name changes from “Not visible to other Bluetooth devices” to “Visible to all nearly Bluetooth devices“.

make lenovo phone visible to all nearby bluetooth devices

Pair Lenovo phone with Computer via Bluetooth

Now there are two different ways you can initiate the device connection via Bluetooth. You can either go to your PC to start the Bluetooth connection between PC and Lenovo phone, or initiate the Bluetooth connection between Lenovo phone and PC from the phone. We will choose the second method in this article. You can try the other method by yourself later if interested.

Your Lenovo phone will automatically search for Bluetooth enabled devices nearly and list the device names in the Available Devices section. Find and tap on your computer name from this list on Lenovo phone, you will open the Bluetooth pairing request screen with the device name to pair with and the passkey. Meanwhile the Bluetooth pairing request will be sent to your PC. You can click the notification from your Windows 10 notification area to find and compare the passcode or passkey. If your computer displays the same passkey as your mobile phone, click the Yes button to confirm on your computer, then press on the Pair button on your Lenovo phone to pair your mobile phone with computer via Bluetooth.

lenovo phone and pc bluetooth pairing request and passkey

If you did not see the Bluetooth pairing request on computer or the passcode on computer does not match the one from Lenovo phone, you can simply cancel the pairing request on the phone and try to send the Bluetooth pairing request again.

Once your Lenovo phone and computer are paired together via Bluetooth, you can see the computer name in the Paired Devices section on the phone, see below screenshot on Lenovo phone.

lenovo phone and pc are connected via bluetooth

Send files from computer to Lenovo phone via Bluetooth

Open the File Explorer on your PC, find and select the files, photos, videos or else, right click on it or them, choose Send to from the pop-up context menu, then select Bluetooth devices and pick up your Lenovo phone. After that you will get the File transfer notice on Lenovo phone, see below screenshot.

accept file transfer from pc to lenovo mobile phone via bluetooth

Touch the Accept button from the file transfer request on Lenovo phone to receive the files sent from PC to your Lenovo mobile phone. If you transfer photos and videos from PC to Lenovo phone, they will be saved to the Gallery directly. You will see a Bluetooth folder created there with all media file saved in the Gallery app on Lenovo phone.

Send files from Lenovo phone to computer via Bluetooth

You can send all kinds of files and documents between Lenovo phone and PC via Bluetooth. In this demo, we will show you how to transfer photos and videos from Lenovo phone to PC via Bluetooth. Open the Gallery app on Lenovo phone. Find the photos or videos, you can choose multiple photos and videos and send them to computer via Bluetooth in one go. You can also transfer photo or video from Lenovo to computer one by one. Once you have selected the files you like to transfer, tap the Share icon at the upper-right corner, then choose Bluetooth, or touch the Bluetooth icon if you can see it directly from the screen.

share photos videos through bluetooth from lenovo phone

After that you will open the Bluetooth device chooser screen. Find your computer name from the Available Devices section, touch it, you will then get a file transfer notice on your computer and just follow the onscreen tips on computer to receive the files from Lenovo phone via Bluetooth.

bluetooth device chooser on lenovo mobile phone

If you did not see the file transfer notice on PC, right click the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right corner, then click Receive a File, see below screenshot of Windows PC.

send files on windows 10 via bluetooth

This will open the Bluetooth File Transfer interface in Windows 10. Any inbound file transfer should be found here. Accept the file transfer from Lenovo phone to PC via Bluetooth here, then choose a folder to save the files on your computer and you are done!

More mobile phone data transfer solutions

Except Lenovo mobile phones, you can also activate Bluetooth transfer on many other phones and devices. For example, you can refer to this guide to share photos, videos, music and more files between Samsung phone and Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth and following article about photo video transfer between Xiaomi Redmi phones and PC via Bluetooth.

As a great alternative, Wi-Fi direct has also been used by many smartphone users. We will not discuss this new technology now as it requires another article. You can refer to this article about how to use Wi-Fi Direct on Samsung Galaxy phones. Wi-Fi direct has its advantages over Bluetooth, such as faster speed, wide range, etc. They are both good options for wireless data exchange between mobile phones and computers.