Transfer Photos and Videos between iPhone iPad

iPhone iPad users swap photos and videos a lot. For example when you take some great photos from your travel, you may want to share with your family or friend. If you have a few photos, that’s would be very easy to share with other iOS users, you can simply send photos via emails. However if you have many photos or videos want to copy from one iPhone or iPad to another iOS device, emails can not help. The fast way to exchange big files between iPhone iPad iPod is to use iTunes or a third party iOS transfer tool. There are a lot of similar iOS apps or desktop software can do the same job. In this guide, we will be using TunesGo iOS manager to demonstrate how you can easily transfer photos videos and other files from one iPhone iPad iPod to each other. If you do not have a computer or do not want to use a computer in the middle, you can download this free wireless transfer app for iPhone iPad from App Store, then use it to wirelessly transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPad over Wi-Fi.

Transfer photos and videos from one iOS device to another

Download TunesGo transfer on to your PC or Mac, start the tranfer tool, and connect your iPhone iPad or iPod to computer through USB, you will see a clear interface as below.

tunesgo ios manager home

You can connect multiple iOS devices if like. In this guide, we will connect an iPhone and an iPad to computer to show you how easy it is to copy photos and videos between iPhone and iPad. You can also use the same tool and follow the instructions below to transfer photos videos between iPhone and iPod, between iPad to iPod, between iPhone and computer, between iPad/iPod and computer.

Basically there will be two steps to copy photos or videos from source iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer, then copy the photos or videos from computer to the target iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Step 1. Transfer Photos Videos from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer

Go to the Photos tab under the source iOS device, you will find all photos videos in your Camera Roll or photo library.

transfer photos videos iphone ipad ipod

There are two methods you can export photos or videos from iPhone iPad or iPod to PC or Mac.

  • Method 1. Select the photos or videos or both, then drag and drop them from iPhone iPad iPod to computer
  • Method 2. Select the photos or videos or both, then click the Export to button to transfer them from iPhone iPad iPod to computer

To transfer single files, simply mouse over the photo or video to reveal the transfer icon on the bottom right corner of the photo or video thumbnail, then click the transfer icon to copy the photo or video to your PC or Mac. To select multiple photos videos and transfer them at once, you can click and drag to select multiple files, Ctrl click or Shif click to select multiple files. If you like to select all files, simply click to select one file, then press Ctrl+A on your keyboard.

When you mouse over the thumbnails of photos and videos, you could also see an eye icon above them. This is to preview the photos or play the videos before transfer them to computer. Sometimes, you may similar photos saved, you can use the preview function to enlarge the thumbnail and display the big photo so you can choose your favorite photos to transfer and share. There will be a camcorder icon on each video files to distinguish them from photos.

Step 2. Transfer Photos Videos from computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod

Now photos or videos have been copied from the source iPhone iPad or iPod and saved in a folder on your PC or Mac. The next step is to move these photos and videos from computer to another iPhone iPad or iPod. Open the Photos tab of the target iOS device in TunesGo, then you can click the Add button from the top of the screen to browse to the folder where you saved the photos videos and add them from computer to your iPhone iPad or iPod. Just like we export photos using the drag-n-drop, you can also drag the photos and videos from your computer and drop them to your iPhone iPad or iPod, this is another way you can copy the files from PC/Mac to iOS device. We will not post a screenshot of how you can import photos videos from computer to iPhone iPad iPod, as it is the same as the above one and it is just too easy to use.

More iPhone iPad iPod file exchange tips

If you like, you can also use this iOS manager tool to transfer other content like contacts, SMS messages, music, TV shows, Music videos, Podcasts, iTunesU, audio book and others from one iPhone iPad iPod to another. Similar to the photo video transfer between two different iOS devices, the transfer of other file types has been made very easy. Just take a look at this guide: how to transfer music from iPhone to another iPhone?