Transfer Photos Videos from Mac to iPhone

Normally we exchange files between computer and iOS devices using iTunes, the Apple official iOS management tool. However for just photo or video transfer from iPhone to Mac, you do not need to use iTunes sync. Simply attach your iPhone to Mac via USB, then you can import photos and videos using many other tools on your Mac, such as the iPhoto for Mac, Preview, or Image capture. These tools and solutions are much easier and more straightforward than iTunes. One major problem when using these tools to transfer photos and videos is that they can’t help you transfer photos and videos to iPhone. What they can help is to export photos or videos from your Camera roll to photo albums on iPhone to Mac, not the other way around. In a related guide, we have demonstrated how you can transfer photos and videos from Mac to iPhone wirelessly over Wi-Fi using a free wireless transfer app. Today we will recommend another, more greater iTunes alternative, which can help you transfer files back and forth between iPhone, iPad, iPod and PC or Mac. To transfer photos and videos from Mac to iPhone becomes extremely easy using this iOS manager. If you are on Windows, check out this guide: How to Transfer photos PC to iPhone with or without iTunes?

Transfer photos videos from Mac to iPhone

Download this TunesGo iOS transfer on to your Mac computer, then follow below steps to easily copy your photos, videos or other files from Mac to iPhone.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Mac through USB

Connect up your iDevice using its USB data cord. TunesGo can then automatically detect the connection and you can see your iPhone is displayed in this iOS transfer. If you are running iTunes at the same time, please close iTunes to avoid any possible conflicts.

connecting iphone to mac via usb

Step 2. Select and copy Photos & Videos from Mac to iPhone

Go to the Photos tab, you can find all your existing iPhone photos there. To transfer photos from Mac to iPhone, click the Add button on the top tool bar, you can then browser to your photo albums on your Mac, select and import any photos from Mac to iPhone. If you want to send photos from different albums on your Mac to iPhone, you can create a new folder on your Mac at first, then copy all photos from various albums to this new folder. After that you can select all photos in this folder, drag & drop them from Mac to the Photos tab of your iPhone. It is just like copying files between two hard drives, or copying files from computer to a USB drive. You can use the same way to transfer videos from Mac to iPhone.

transfer photos from mac to iphone

iPhone photo & video transfer extra tips
You can import and export photos and videos using this iPhone transfer tool. Other than that, it can also help you transfer other files between iPhone and Mac computers, such as music, TV shows, podcasts, audio books etc.