Transfer Ringtones from Samsung Android to iPhone

In earlier articles we have showed with you a lot of tips to transfer data and content from one phone to another when we switch phones. For example you can batch transfer files from Samsung to Xiaomi phone, including photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, call logs, etc. This tutorial reveals the steps you can follow to transfer calendar events and appointments between Android phones. Today we will discuss about ringtones transfer from Android to iPhone. We will be using Samsung and iPhone in the demo to illustrate the steps to transfer ringtones from Samsung to iPhone or from other Android phones, like HTC, LG, Moto, Lenovo, to an iPhone. You can also transfer ringtones from iPhone to Samsung or other Android phones.

How to transfer ringtones from Samsung to iPhone?

Basically there will be three steps to transfer ringtones from a Samsung mobile phone to an iPhone: 1) firstly export ringtones from Samsung to computer; 2) then convert Samsung ringtones to iPhone ringtones; 3) finally sync ringtones from computer to iPhone.

Step 1. Transfer Ringtones from Samsung mobile to computer

There are mainly two types of ringtones on your Samsung mobile phone, your custom ringtones for Samsung and the pre-installed ringtones on Samsung. See how to make ringtones for Samsung, and transfer & install custom ringtones on Samsung phones. You can go back and check out for the details now if like. From these articles, you will find out how ringtones can be transferred from computer to your phone, where are the ringtones saved on your phone, and you can do the opposite to copy the ringtones from Samsung to computer. It is very easy, no software or tools required. Simply connect your phone through USB, find the ringtones folder on your phone and copy ringtones you like to transfer, then paste it to a folder on your computer hard drive. So we will not discuss this issue in details here.

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Can you transfer system ringtones or pre-installed ringtones from Samsung to PC or Mac?

Yes, you can. Follow this guide to export ringtones from Samsung phone to computer using a mobile phone manager software.

Step 2. Convert Samsung ringtones to iPhone ringtones

You can set audios or music in various audio formats as ringtones on Samsung smart phones, like mp3, ogg, 3ga, aac, wma, wav, imy, midi, amr, m4a, etc. But iPhone ringtones have to be .m4r files. Thus you need to download a media converter to convert Samsung ringtones to iPhone ringtone format.

create iphone ringtones

In this demo, we will be using the Video Converter which is powerful enough to convert all kinds of videos, audios, download and stream videos. To convert ringtones from Samsung to iPhone, go to add your ringtones from computer to the converter first. You can click the Add Files button or simply drag and drop to add source music or ringtone files to this converter. After that, go to select iPhone ringtone format as the output format to convert the source audio files to. Go to Format >> Audio >> M4R. Finally click the Convert button to convert ringtones from Samsung format to iPhone format. The created iPhone ringtones will be saved to the output directory of this converter on your PC or Mac.

Unlike ringtones on Samsung, iPhone ringtones are restricted to 40 seconds depends on your iOS version, old iPhone models may accept ringtones less than 30 seconds. Thus when you converting ringtones from Android phones to iPhone, you may need to cut the ringtones as well. Fortunately, the above converter can also help you trim videos and audios. Just click the Edit button besides the ringtones added to the converter, you can then find the feature to trim the music or ringtones from there. See below screenshot.
cut music songs

Step 3. Transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone

iTunes is the official tool to help you sync files between computer and iOS devices. It can sync all kinds of files from computer to iPhone iPad, such as photos, videos, books, etc. It works with ringtones sync as well. See following guide to sync ringtones to iPhone using iTunes. Except iTunes, you can also use third party iPhone manager tools to copy ringtones to iPhone without iTunes.

Step 4. Activate Ringtone on iPhone

Once the ringtones have been sent to your iPhone, you can go to Settings >> Sound >> Ringtone, to select the new ringtone and enable it as the default ringtone on the phone. For more detailed with screenshots, you can refer to this step-by-step guide to activate ringtones on iPhone.

Now you know how to transfer ringtones from Samsung to iPhone. If you like to transfer ringtones the other way around, you can also do that in an easier way.