Transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone using iTunes

The new iTunes 12.7 has changed a lot. For example, you can’t find App Store in iTunes any more; the Tones library has been removed; iTunes U collections are moved to the Podcasts section of iTunes; the sidebar libraries have been updated. In an earlier guide, we discussed how iOS users can sync ringtones from computer to iPhone using iTunes. With iTunes 12.7, you can still copy and transfer ringtones over to an iPhone or iPad, and you’ll see it’s actually easier than before. We will show you the steps to accomplish this task below as well as import ringtones from a PC or Mac to iPhone without iTunes.

Transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone using iTunes

Before we get started, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes, currently iTunes 12.7 for Windows or macOS, also the ringtone files are saved in .m4r format.

Connect your iPhone to computer via USB. Run iTunes on your computer if it does not start by itself. In iTunes, select the device from the top left corner, you will then see the Settings at the upper section and On My Device at the lower section on the left sidebar on iTunes. We use iTunes 12.7 for Windows in this demo. Mac users may see the difference in appearance. Open the folder where your ringtones are saved using File Explorer on your Windows PC. Drag and drop the ringtone files into the Tones tab of iTunes to copy them over to iPhone or iPad.

sync custom ringtones, text tones from pc to iphone using itunes

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