Transfer ringtones from computer to Lenovo phone

Ringtone is a very important part of the customization of our cell phones. To make our phones more personalized, you can change ringtones to your favorite music, audio, or any sound. See this guide to change ringtones on Lenovo phones. The activation of new ringtones on the phone is very straightforward. Some Lenovo users may want to know how to transfer ringtones from computer to the Lenovo mobile. You can set your favorite songs or voice recording as the ringtone on the phone. If your music files and voice recordings are saved on the computer, you can follow below two methods to copy them from PC or Mac to your smartphone.

Method 1. Transfer ringtones from computer to Lenovo phone via USB

This is the most popular way for data transfer between mobile phone and computer. You connect up your phone to computer via its USB data cord, then access files on mobile phone from computer via the File Explorer or browser on computer. You can then copy files from Lenovo to computer or copy files from computer to Lenovo phone. Using this method we can copy files and data from computer to almost all Android powered smartphones. You can refer to this tutorial to send ringtones from computer to Samsung mobile phones.

If you using a Windows PC, you can simply open the files and data on Lenovo phone from the Windows File Explorer, then copy the ringtones or music from computer hard drive to a folder on your mobile phone, either the Lenovo internal storage or SD card if any. If you are on Mac, you can copy ringtones, audios, songs and other files from Mac to Lenovo phone using the Finder on Mac.

access Samsung android phone storage from Windows pc

Sometimes however it may not work. For example, you may want to transfer data from a work computer to Lenovo phone in the office where the USB data cable is not available. If you want to transfer data from your friend’s computer to your phone when the USB data is not available.

Method 2. Transfer ringtones from computer to Lenovo phone over Wi-Fi

Lenovo ringtone transfer via USB seems to be fairly easy. However it may not be the most convenient way in the long run. If you need to frequently exchange data between Lenovo and PC or Mac, it is tedious to plug in and pull out the phone from USB port. In fact, your mobile phone manufacture has also realized this issue. Thus we can find the Remote Management feature on the Lenovo phone. We are not sure when it came to existence. You may not be able to find it on some Lenovo phone models. You can refer to this guide to transfer data between Lenovo phone and computer via FTP for the details, such as how to enable Lenovo FTP transfer or remote management, which tools you can use to upload files from computer to Lenovo or download data from Lenovo to computer over Wi-Fi.

upload files computer to lenovo phone via ftp