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ringtone for mobileModern Android devices use the MTP or PTP protocols to connect to your computer when you plug in them to a PC. When you connect your Samsung phone to computer through USB data cord, you will be able to directly access your Android phone’s storage using Windows Explorer on your PC, you will be able to copy files from computer to your Android, or copy files from Android to computer, this makes the file exchange between computer and mobile phone extremely easy. In an earlier guide, we illustrated instructions to copy ringtones, notifications and alarm tones to your Samsung or Android phone. Go back to check out this guide, you will know where your custom ringtones, alarm tons and notifications tones are saved on your Samsung Android phone. You can then copy the ringtones, alarm tons and notifications tones from Samsung Android phones to computer, or copy them to another Android phone. There are mainly two types of ringtones on your Samsung mobile phone, your custom ringtones for Samsung and the pre-installed ringtones on Samsung. However this file transfer over MTP does not work for Android system files, including those ringtones, notifications and alarms that are pre-installed on your smart phone. Android can choose the files it presents to you, so you can upload files from computer to mobile phones or download from mobile phone to computer. Meanwhile the Android OS doesn’t expose its entire storage device to Windows, instead it will hide system files so you can’t see or modify them. Is there any workaround to export system ringtones or pre-installed ringtones from Samsung or Android phone to PC or Mac?

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How to Transfer Ringtones from Samsung mobile to computer or Vice versa?

As we mentioned above if you simply connect your Samsung smart phone to computer through USB cable, your phone will be connected as media device based on the MTP protocol through which you can only access the files the Android system allows you to. The system ringtones, notification tones, alarm tones on Android phone are hidden so you can’t find or export them from your computer. In order to transfer system ringtones or pre-installed ringtones from Samsung to PC or Mac, you can download below Android transfer software program for that.

This Android phone transfer is very useful to back up content from mobile phones to computer. For example it can help you back up photos videos from WhatsApp on mobile to computer. To back up ringtones on Android phones works similar. Run the phone transfer software on your computer, then connect your Android phone to computer through USB cable, after that the phone transfer software will detect your USB connection and thus access your Android device’s raw file system from computer.

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Switch from the Home to the Explorer tab, then browse to Phone >> system >> media >> audio >> ringtones, you can find all your system ringtones from there. Select the ringtones on your Samsung mobile phone, then click the Export button to choose a location on your PC or Mac and transfer ringtones from Samsung or Android phone to computer.


  • The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is an extension to the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) communications protocol that allows media files to be transferred. Apple’s Mac OS X does not include MTP support. Thus you need to use this Android File Transfer application on Mac OS X.
  • Want to make ringtones of your own? You can do that, you can convert any videos or music to ringtones for Samsung and Android phones, see this guide to make ringtones for Samsung phones.

5 thoughts on “Transfer Ringtones from Samsung mobile to computer”

  1. I have the usb debugging enabled and there are several folders and subfolders, but I cannot find where the preinstalled ringtones are.

    1. you can browse to this folder see if any luck, Phone\system\media\audio\ringtones. this is the folder where all my ringtones saved on the Galaxy grand prime device. it may differ across different phone models though.

  2. I downloaded the phone manager, but I still cannot find the preinstalled (factory) ringtones to transfer to my new phone. What are the ringtones filed under? Please help

  3. Susan Williford

    My phone never did show “files.” I was able to export photos, videos, and contacts, but not files/ringtones. I have a Samsung Galazy III Mini that I want the ringtones I downloaded sent to my computer to put onto my iphone.

    1. you can go to download the latest version of the Mobilego phone manager from above post on to your PC see if any luck. if the issue persist, please provide your computer OS version send us some screenshot to illustrate the issue via email.

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