How to transfer SHAREit app to another phone? – Video Tutorial

You can use the SHAREit app to transfer all kinds of files, documents, photos, contacts, music, videos, and even apps.It is free, you can use it to send as many files as you want without any fee. It is wireless and fast, you can choose to transfer bulk files and documents via your local Wi-Fi network or hotspot with blazing fast speed. It is also a cross-platform file sharing solution that works on Android, iOS, PC & Mac. Android users can even use it to share apps between different mobile phones. For example, you can use it to send apps to your new mobile phone, share certain apps with other Android users, etc. If the SHAREit app is not installed on the other phone, you can send the sharing app itself wirelessly without internet connection. Check out the tutorial video for more details below.

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