Transfer SMS from iPhone to iPhone

When you get a new iPhone you may want to transfer existing data from the old iPhone to the new one. In an earlier guide, we demonstrated how you can transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone using Mobile Transfer. In this article, we will be using this mobile data transfer tool to transfer text messages from an iPhone to another. Although iTunes or iCloud can also help you sync data from one iOS device to another, but it does not allow you to selectively transfer SMS texts from iPhone to iPhone, it will transfer all your files and data instead. When you want to transfer certain types of files, such as notes, calendars or short messagess, iTunes or iCloud is lacking a direct peer-to-peer transfer function to copy or migrate data from one iPhone to another. It does not mean you can’t transfer text messages from iPhone to iPhone using them, but they are not flexible or very easy to use. The phone transfer software we will be using in this demo however is extremely easy to use. Anyone can follow below steps to copy over their SMS from one iPhone to another iPhone in just several minutes.

Transfer Text Messages between iPhones

1. Install mobile transfer on your computer

To transfer SMS from iPhone to iPhone or swap any other data between different iPhones, you need to download and install the mobile transfer program on to your PC or Mac computer.

2. Connect up both iPhones to computer via USB

Run mobile transfer on your PC or Mac, then click Phone to Phone Transfer from its home screen. Connect the old and new iPhone to your PC or Mac using the USB cord. They will be found and displayed automatically in the phone transfer and manage application. The left iPhone would be the source iPhone you can copy the text messages and other data from, the other iPhone on the right would be the destination device to receive the text messages. If you find they are in the wrong position, simply click the Flip button in between the two phones to switch them.
enter phone to phone transfer mode
3. Transfer SMS from one iPhone to another iPhone

Between the two iPhone, you should see a column display all the transferrable data, such as contacts, text messages, photos, vidoes, music and so on. Tick to select text messages to copy, then hit the Start Copy button at the bottom to copy them from the source iPhone to the target iPhone. In just a few seconds or minutes all your SMS text messages will be copied from your old to new iPhone.

transfer text messages from iphone to iphone
If you want to transfer only text messages from old iPhone to new iPhone and do not want to lose other old data on the old iPhone, you can go back to the home screen of this mobile transfer, click Back Up Your Phone to save a copy of your iPhone data to your PC or Mac. In case you like to restore any data from the backup, this mobile transfer tool can help you achieve it as easily as you make the backup.

copy sms from iphone to iphone

Transferring text messages this way works for various mobile phones, not only iPhone, but also Android phones, like Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Motorola phones, HTC phones, Windows phones, etc. Whether the SMS are sent to someone else or if you want to copy text messages among your own phones, whether you want to swap text messages or other data from iPhone to Android, Android to Android, Android to iPhone, the solution works seamlessly. It makes your phone and data switch hassle free.