Transfer SMS from Lenovo to iPhone

Cross platform phone data transfer seems to be the obstacle that stops many Android users from switching to iPhone. There are various ways to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music and other data from phone to phone. In this guide, we will show you the easiest way to transfer SMS text messages from Lenovo to iPhone. Check out this guide to transfer messages from iPhone to Lenovo phone if you like to migrate data the other way around.

lenovo and iphone transfer

How to Transfer SMS from Lenovo to iPhone?

Before we continue to SMS transfer, go to download the phone transfer tool below. Run the phone transfer software on your PC or Mac, you will get its main interface like below.

phone transfer

Click Phone to Phone Transfer from the main interface of the phone transfer program. You will then be prompted to plug in your cell phones to computer through USB. Now connect both Lenovo and iPhone to computer using the USB data cable that comes with the phone. You will then find the two smartphones are displayed in the phone transfer screen.

transfer text messages from lenovo to iphone

The phone on the left will be the source phone, the one you like to copy SMS from it to the other phone. The phone on the right is the destination phone that you like to import all text messages to. If you found they are not in the position, click the Flip button between them to switch. In this demo, Lenovo is the source phone, iPhone is the destination phone, we are going to copy SMS from Lenovo to iPhone. If you like to move data the other way round, you can change their positions to transfer SMS text messages from iPhone to Lenovo as well.

In the middle column of the phone data transfer, you should find the list of all supported file types, such as contacts, SMS text messages, calendar, call logs, mobile apps,  photos, music, videos. To transfer SMS between your mobile phones, click to select Text messages. Then click the Start Copy button at the bottom section to transfer text messages from Lenovo to iPhone.

The text messages will be sent in to the message app for iOS on your iPhone. During this SMS transfer process, the phone transfer software will reboot your iPhone.

reboot iphone during SMS transfer

Once your iPhone restarted, you will see that all text messages from Lenovo are now saved in the Messages app on iPhone. Your text messages from Lenovo and iPhone are merged. You have copied all text messages from Android to iPhone. You can continue to transfer more files if like.

SMS transfer progress complete

Mobile phone data transfer and more

Data transfer from phone to phone is the main function of this phone transfer tool. Except that the developers behind this software have also added new features such as backing up mobile phones to computer, restoring backup files from computer to mobile phone, safely deleting data from mobile phone.

Using the same tool and following the similar steps above you can also copy contacts, photos, video and other files from phone to phone. For example, you can follow these steps to transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone and this tutorial provides us a simple way to move text messages from HTC to Samsung mobile.

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