Transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone

When you are about to switch phones from Android to iOS, naturally the first thought might be it is very difficult as I do not know how to copy over my files from Android phone to iPhone. Contacts transfer might be easier for most phone users, as there are many free tools can help you do that easily. But do you know how to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone? Will you lose any data during the phone switch and transfer from phone to phone? It is true that you will not be able to transfer some data that is not compatible with iPhone, such as Android apps. Currently there is no way you can move and run Android app on iPhone. You can not use the same app on both Android and iOS, unless the app has both Android and iOS versions. For other data and files such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, you can easily copy from Android phone to iPhone using a mobile transfer tool. In this guide SMS messages transfer from Android to iPhone will be our focus. As we have discussed how to transfer many other files already. If you are interested, you can go back and check the tutorials below.

How to Transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone?

We will be using mobile transfer for text messages transfer from Android to iPhone in this guide. Just like photo, video, contacts transfer, the same method applies to message transfer as well. Now download the free trial version of mobile transfer on to your Mac or PC.

Note that the trial version allows you to copy contacts from phone to phone. If you like to copy text messages, apps, photos, videos, call logs, calendar, music, you need to purchase the full version.

Step 1. Connect both Android and iPhone to computer

You can connect your phones to computer using their USB data cables that come with your phones. Your phones need to be connected to a computer at the same time. The phone transfer tool can then directly copy files from one phone to another. It will not save your text messages on the computer. You need to install the phone transfer software on your desktop computer, no apps or installations on the phone side required.

Step 2. Copy SMS messages from Android to iPhone

When you launch the phone transfer, you will see a screen like this. From below screenshot, you can see clearly what the phone transfer can do for you. It mainly can copy files from phone to phone, restore your phone backup from computer to phone, backup your phone to computer, erase phone data.

phone to phone transfer

On the main interface of the phone transfer, click Phone to Phone Transfer, then your phones hooked up to computer will be displayed within the transfer software.
transfer sms messages from android to iphone

The phone on the left will be the source device, the phone on the right will be the destination device. Selected files and data are to be copied over from the source phone to target phone. In this demo, we are going to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone, thus make sure the Android phone shows up on the left, iPhone on the right. If not, simply click the Flip button between them, the phones will switch places.

To copy text messages from Android to iPhone is extremely easy using this phone data transfer utility. In the middle of the two phones, there will be a column where you can find and select different file types, including contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, photos, music and videos. All compatible data across Android and iOS will be selected by default. If you want to transfer all compatible data from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, go ahead and click the Start Copy button to quickly migrate all files from phone to phone. If you like to transfer all text messages from Android to iPhone only, you can disable other file types, then hit the Start Copy to only move SMS messages from Android to iPhone.

Extra tips on data transfer between Android and iPhone

Will this data transfer overwrite existing files on the target cell phone? No, it will not overwrite your data on the phone unless you set it to do so. Right under the destination phone which you like to transfer phone data to, there will be a Clear data before copy option. If you enabled it, it will overwrite your files on the phone.

This phone transfer tool is compatible with many different phones, such as Android phones, Symbian Nokia phones and iPhone, just check out one demo here: transfer text messages from HTC to Samsung. You can also use it to transfer messages from iPhone to Android, from Android to Android, from iPhone to iPhone, etc. Not only SMS can be copied over between phones, but other supported data like photos, videos, music, apps, contacts and so on.