Transfer text messages from Android to computer in 2 minutes

Can’t figure out how to export some text messages from phone to a PC or Mac? Your mobile phone contains a lot of personal data you do not want to lose, the phone numbers, SMS messages, photos, calendars and tasks, etc. Better safe than sorry, you should back them up regularly to ensure your data is protected in the even of phone damage or theft. For iPhone users, you can back up your data to your iCloud account. Android phone users can back up data from phone to their Google account. If you are looking for a more substantial option, we recommend you back up the private files and information from phone to computer. Apple users have iTunes for data backup and sync from phone to computer. If you own an Android smartphone, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, ZTE, Nexus, Huawei, Xiaomi, how you can transfer text messages from the Android phone to a PC or Mac? Currently Google misses such a tool at this moment. Here we introduce you the TunesGo which can catch what Google misses. Unlike the Google service that backs up users data to the cloud, TunesGo copies your data from Android phone straight to your PC and Mac via cable. No internet connection or subscription required. Within 2 minutes, you can easily transfer text messages from Android phone to computer.

How to transfer text messages from Android phone to computer in 2 minutes?

No need to root your Android phone. You just need to turn on USB debugging on the mobile phone, which is one of the hidden feature on Android devices. Run the TunesGo program on your PC. We use its Windows version in this demo. Its Mac version works almost the same, but may differ in appearance. Get this tool on to your computer now before we proceed to the SMS backup with it below.

Connect your phone to PC via USB, the phone data transfer software will try to connect your phone. If the USB debugging is not enabled, you will be provided with the steps to do so in the file transfer tool. For more information about this issue, you can also refer to this tutorial to enable USB debugging on Android phones. When this option has been turned on, your phone screen will be mirrored to the phone data transfer and backup tool. You can also find several shortcuts to useful tools such as backup photos to PC, phone to phone transfer and so on. From the top menu of this phone transfer program, you can see it can take care of just about anything you’d like to, such as music, videos, photos, apps, files, and more. To export text messages from phone to PC, switch to the Information tab.

backup export text messages from android to pc

Here you can manage both contacts and SMS on your Android phone. You can import contacts from computer to phone, export contacts from phone to computer, import text messages from computer to phone, export SMS from phone to computer. To save text messages from phone to PC, click SMS from the left navigation panel, choose a message category optionally, then select and preview messages. To transfer messages from Android to PC, hit the Export button at the top, choose Export to HTML if you want to save text messages to computer as HTML format or Export to CSV when you need to save them in CSV file format on computer. Finally select a location and folder on your PC to save the text messages as selected file format.

Transfer text messages between two phones

When you upgrade to a new phone, you may want to copy your data over from old to new phone. Other than backing up the data from mobile device to a PC or Mac, you need to migrate personal files between two mobile phones. We have several articles get this topic covered before. For instance, you can follow the steps to transfer messages between two Android phones, and this tutorial walks you through the easy procedure to transfer text messages from HTC to Samsung phone.

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