Transfer Text Messages from HTC to Samsung

Mobile Transfer is a professional data transfer tool for Android phones, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and more. It makes the data transfer from phone to phone extremely easy. For example, if you like to transfer SMS text messages from HTC to Samsung cellphones, what you need to do is to connect both mobiles to computer via USB ports, then bulk transfer all text messages from HTC to Samsung phone in just one click. Check out the step by step guide below.

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How to Transfer Text Messages from HTC to Samsung?

Step 1. Start Mobile Transfer on your PC or Mac.

You can download Windows or Mac versions on to your PC or Mac for free below.

Step 2. Connect up both your HTC and Samsung to computer via USB

Connect up both mobile phones to computer using USB data cord. The Mobile Transfer program will then automatically detect the hooked phones. Make sure the HTC smartphone is on the left side, as the source mobile phone will be on the left, the target phone is on the right. If not, click the Flip button to switch positions of the two mobile phones.
Transfer Text Messages from HTC to Samsung

Step 3. Transfer Text Messages from HTC to Samsung

Click to select text message in the content to copy column, then click Start Copy to transfer all your text messages from HTC to Samsung mobile phone. Your Samsung phone will restart automatically when all text messages imported to it. After that you can find all imported text messages along with existing messages in the Messaging app on your Samsung. Except SMS messags, you can also copy over many other data or files, like photos, videos, music, call logs, apps from one Android phone to another, from HTC to Samsung, Samsung to HTC and more.

What’s the benefits of this SMS Transfer solution?

Unlike other SMS transfer tools and solutions, you can find at least below advantages using this SMS transfer software:

  • It is direct transfer from phone to phone, which requires the minimal steps to get your text messages moved from HTC to Samsung phones. Using other SMS transfer tools, you may need to back up or export text messages from phone to computer at first, then restore the text messages from computer to another phone. Check out this guide to export text messages from Samsung to computer and restore them back on to the phone.
  • This is a desktop program, it directly access both source and destination phones to migrate SMS and other files between them. You do not need to install any apps on the phones. Using other SMS transfer solutions, you may need to install a SMS transfer app on both HTC and Samsung phones.
  • The migration of SMS messages is blazing fast. No matter how many SMS messages you have on the old phone, this SMS transfer can copy the messages from your old to new phone in just a few minutes.
  • Text messages will be exported from the one HTC and imported to your Messaging app on Samsung, so you can directly view and manage them with existing text messages on Samsung before the transfer. Other SMS transfer tool however might save your text messages somewhere else in different formats, so you can’t manage them as regular text messages using your default / stock messaging app on Samsung.

Transfer Text Messages & data from one phone to another – Extra Tips

The transfer will copy over your SMS text messages from HTC to Samsung mobile. It will not overwrite any existing SMS on the Samsung. If you like to clear existing text messages on Samsung phone, click to enable “clear data before copy” option below the Samsung phone.

This is a cross platform phone transfer for Android, Symbian and iOS. You can use it to transfer SMS from Android to Android, from iPhone to Android, from Android to iPhone, or transfer text messages, photos, videos and other files between Android and Nokia, iPhone and Nokia.

Want to transfer other data like contacts, photos, videos, music from HTC to Samsung, Samsung to HTC or other phones? Do not miss this tutorial to transfer data from Samsung to HTC. The instructions from this linked article apply to many other Android devices as well, such as LG, Sony, Nexus, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.