Transfer text messages from iPhone to Lenovo

Data exchange or migration cross mobile OS and platforms has been a headache. There are various ways to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music and other data from phone to phone. Mobile Transfer is the easiest one we have ever seen. In this guide, we will use this professional data transfer software to transfer text messages from iPhone to Lenovo mobile phone. You can also follow the same way to copy many other files and documents from iPhone to other Android powered phones or the other way around. For instance, this guide shows you how to move text messages from Lenovo to iPhone.

Run mobile phone data transfer on your PC or Mac. In this demo, we will use the mobile phone transfer for Windows on a PC. Its Mac counterpart works the same. Click Phone to Phone Transfer from its home screen.

mobile phone data transfer for windows

Then connect both iPhone and Lenovo phone to computer via USB. Your iPhone will show up in the mobile phone data transfer software instantly. No need to do anything on iPhone. However if it is the first time you connect your iPhone to the PC, you need to press the Trust this computer button on iPhone to allow USB connection with your PC.

If the USB debugging is not enabled yet, you will get an Authorization prompt on both your Lenovo phone and computer. You need to authorize the computer to manage your phone. So check your Lenovo mobile phone screen and you should see the Allow USB debugging prompt. Touch OK button to authorize your computer. You can also choose to manually enable USB debugging on Lenovo phone.

Steps to transfer text messages from iPhone to Lenovo

  1. Firstly of all, make sure your iPhone is displayed on the left column, Lenovo phone on the right. If not, click the Flip button between them to switch their positions.
  2. Transfer text messages from iPhone to Lenovo

  3. Secondly select Text messages from the middle column and disable other files types if you do not want to copy them over as well.
  4. Finally, click Start Transfer button to copy all text messages from iPhone to Lenovo mobile phone.

Transfer text messages to Lenovo phone running on Android 4.4 KITKAT or above

If you want to migrate text messages to an Android phone which is running Android 4.4 KITKAT or above, you will need to temporarily change the default SMS app on the target phone before it can receive text messages from the source phone. Luckily you do not have to manually make the change. The mobile phone transfer software will do it for you automatically, you just need to confirm the change on the phone twice. The first time is to confirm to change the stock SMS app to the one built-in with the mobile phone transfer software. The second time is to confirm the change from the temporarily messages app to the stock SMS app on your phone when the message transfer completes. Of course you can also go to manually change the default messaging app on Lenovo phone from its settings.
change default sms app by mobile transfer

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