Transfer Viber chats to iPhone iPad

Viber is a very popular free messaging and calling app. You can use it to send unlimited text, share photos and videos, share contacts and location, even make audio or video calls with anymore worldwide. Some of your chats and conversations in Viber may contain very important data you can’t afford to lose. In this guide, we will show you how to backup your Viber messages from iPhone to computer, transfer Viber chats to a new phone when you upgrade to new iPhone, iPad.

There are mainly 2 steps to transfer Viber chats from one iPhone or iPad to another. Firstly export Viber messages from old iPhone or iPad to PC or Mac; Secondly import Viber chats backup from computer to new iOS device.

Backup Viber chats from iPhone iPad to computer

Your chat history is saved on your phone’s storage. We need to export a copy of it from phone and save on to our computer first. We can’t access them using a file explorer from computer through USB. Viber chats backup & restore exactly hits on the goal. It allows Viber users have more control over their personal data on iPhone in addition to the Viber messages backup via email which we will mention at the ending of this article. You may think the Viber backup process to be difficult. This iPhone Viber chats backup tool is actually very easy to use. Install and run the software on your Mac or PC. You will see its modular style of the interface. From the home interface, you can find Data Recovery, iPhone data backup, Kik backup & restore, WhatsApp transfer & backup, Line backup & restore and so on. Viber backup & restore is just one of the many useful tools. Note that the initial download & install will not download all of these modules. If it is the first time you run the Viber backup & restore tool, allow some time for this software to download this Viber backup module.

To export Viber chats from iPhone to computer or backup Viber messages from iPhone to computer is easy. Connect up your iPhone to PC or Mac via USB. Run the Viber backup & restore tool on computer, you will then see a screenshot like below.

backup viber chats iphone to computer

You just need to click the BACKUP button create a backup of your Viber conversations and save on to your computer hard drive.

Manage Viber backup on computer

With a copy of your Viber messages on your computer, you can recover the Viber chat history when the original Viber chats on iPhone were lost, deleted or unusable; view Viber chat history on computer, export Viber messages to computer, print Viber chat history, etc. If you plan to upgrade to new iPhone, and want to move Viber chats from old iPhone to new one, you can restore the Viber chats to new iPhone following below instructions.

Restore Viber chats backup from computer to iPhone iPad

Disconnect the old iPhone from USB once you have finished the Viber backup. Now connect the new iPhone to computer using USB cable. Go to Viber backup & restore, there will be a linked titled ‘To view the previous backup file’. Click on it to see a list of all existing Viber backup files on the computer. Choose the copy you like to transfer to your new iPhone, click RESTORE button to restore Viber backup to iPhone. Note that existing Viber data, if any, on the connected iPhone will be wiped out and overwritten by the Viber chats and data contained in the Viber backup file selected.

restore viber messages backup to iphone

Backup iPhone Viber chats to email

Viber for iOS allows users to send a copy of message history to email. Run Viber on iPhone or iPad, head to its Settings >> Calls and Messages >> Email Message History. Viber will then compress your message history into a zip file and attach it to a new email. Select an email account on your iPhone, type in the recipient’s email address and send. You can send the Viber messages backup to yourself and download on to your PC or Mac.

Restore iPhone Viber chats without backups

The toolkit for iOS has the Data Recovery module that can even help iPhone iPad users retrieve deleted or lost data from their iOS device when no backups were made. If your Viber chats or messages were deleted unexpectedly without any saved backups, you can follow this tutorial to recover deleted Viber chats on iPhone.