Transfer Video from PC to PS3 and PS4

Your PS3 is not only a good game player but also an excellent video player. If you have saved a lot of movies on your computer, you can actually transfer the videos to PS3 or PS4.

How to Transfer Videos from PC to PS3 or PS4?

There are different ways to send videos from your computer to PS3. You can use a Flash Drive or use some third party software, check out the details below.

Use USB Flash Drive to Transfer Videos from PC to PS3 or PS4

Plug in the Flash drive to the USB port of your computer, then copy and paste your video files (PS3 can play some MP4 files) from your computer to video folder on the flash drive. Connect the flash drive to your PS3 and copy the videos over to it.

transfer videos from PC to Sony PS3

Use Windows Media Player to Stream Videos from PC to PS3 or PS4

Start Windows Media Player on your computer and turn on PS3. On Windows Media Player click Options, you will see an unknown device (that’s your PS3) and press allow sharing to the PS3.

On the PS3, go to each Media choice in the XMB (Pictures, Music, Video), and under each do a “Search for a Media Server.” Once it has found a Media Server for each choice, you should then be able to see your PC show up with the “Windows ICON”. Click “Windows Media” icon on PS3 to find and copy the video files from your PC to PS3.

PS3 PS4 Video Tips:

There are some unsupported video types and formats you can not transfer to PS3. You may use a video converter to convert them on your PC first. For example, you can refer to this step-by-step tutorial to convert any videos to Sony PS3, PS4 formats.