Transfer WeChat voice messages from Android to computer

In an earlier article, we showed how to export WeChat voice messages from Android to computer without any software so you can convert WeChat voice messages to MP3 using a free audio converter on PC and then send, share or forward the WeChat voice messages. Today, we will share with Android users an easier way to transfer WeChat audio messages from Android phone to PC or Mac computer.

Add voice messages to Favorites in Wechat

Open the chat in which you have received the audio messages in WeChat. Long press the voice message until the context menu pops up. Select Add to Favorites from the menu. Repeat the steps to add more voice messages to Favorites in WeChat for Android.

Find WeChat voice messages in File Manager

Open the stock File Manager on your mobile phone. Choose the Internal storage other than external SD card. Navigate to tencent > MicroMsg. Find a sub-folder with very long name, a string of random letters. Open this folder, look for the ‘favorite’ folder. You will find lots of sub-folders beneath. Make sure to sort them by date, make the most recent folders on top of the list. We have just added the voice messages to the Favorite folders, so those folders where these voice messages reside should be on the top. Check the date and time stamp to quickly find the folders with audio messages saved in them.

Copy or move these voice messages to a folder which is easier to find in File Manager. For example, you can copy them to the Download folder at the root of your local storage.

Transfer WeChat Voice messages from Android to computer

You can connect your phone to computer via USB and copy those WeChat voice messages from Android to computer via USB. You can also send them through email, use a third-party transfer app, like ShareIt, Send Anywhere, etc. Check out this tutorial to send files between mobile phone and PC using ShareIt free file transfer.

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