Transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messenger or chat app in the world. When you upgrade to a new phone and want to transfer all your conversations, messages and media files to the new phone, you can backup WhatsApp chats from old phone to Google Drive, then restore WhatsApp chats backup from Google Drive to your new mobile phone. You can also choose to manually backup the WhatsApp chats on one phone, then transfer the backup file to the new phone and finally restore the WhatsApp backup to the new phone. See more details from this guide to transfer WhatsApp chat history from one phone to another wirelessly using a free file transfer app. For iPhone users, you can make use of iCloud backup, the same way you get WhatsApp chats transferred via Google Drive on Android devices. Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp chat history across different platforms? It is not currently possible to transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android or vice versa using WhatsApp built-in backup utility. Today, we will show you how to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android mobile using an easy WhatsApp transfer tool that can help iPhone users easily backup WhatsApp chats from iPhone to computer and restore it from computer to iPhone, transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to another iPhone, transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android mobile.

How to Transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android?

Before we get started, grab this WhatsApp chats transfer tool on to your PC or Mac computer below.

iphone whatsapp data transfer backup restore for windows

Note this tool comes as one of the many iOS tools contained in the toolkit software. Download and install the iOS toolkit software on your computer, then click to open WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore, you will see its main interface as shown in above screenshot. You need to enable USB debugging on Android device first. You can see the instructions here or simply connect up your Android to PC/Mac, then the WhatsApp Transfer tool will show you the detailed steps to activate the USB debugging. After that click Transfer WhatsApp mode in this WhatsApp transfer, backup and restore software on computer, and connect both iPhone and Android phone to computer via USB. In this guide, we use an HTC Android phone, it should work with all major Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy phones, LG Android phones, Sony phones, Lenovo, Nexus, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, Redmi, ZTE, and so on.

transfer whatsapp messages, photos, videos iphone to android

Your iPhone and Android phone will be displayed side by side. When you are ready, hit the Transfer button at the bottom right corner to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android phone.

WhatsApp chats iPhone to Android transfer – video guide

iPhone to Android WhatsApp chat history transfer notes

  1. The WhatsApp chat history on Android phone if any would be wiped out during the transfer. If you like, you can go to backup WhatsApp data on the Android phone and export it to an external storage.
  2. All WhatsApp chats, sent and received photos, videos will be transferred from iPhone to Android mobile phone.