Transfer WhatsApp data from Android to Android

There are a lot of Android mobile phone data transfer tools and solutions you can find on the web, such as the Kies for Samsung, Mobile assistant for Lenovo, HTC sync manager for HTC smartphones. However very few of them can help cell phone users migrate apps, games and app data between mobile phones. Mobile Transfer is exceptional. It can help you transfer apps and games to new Android phones in just a few steps. Meanwhile it supports app data and game data transfer to new phones. These apps, games and data including FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, Viber, WeChat and many more. You can find more details from this guide to transfer apps, games, app data and game data between Android phones. Today, we will show you how to transfer WhatsApp data from one Android phone to another.

Important tips:
Before we continue to the WhatsApp data transfer, please note: (1) this solution works with Android phones only, such as Samsung phones, LG phones, Nexus, Motorola, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, etc. If you want to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone, scroll down to the bottom of this guide, we have the linked article to show you how it could be done. (2) all apps along with supported app data, including games and game data will be copied from one phone to another, system apps are not included. (3) both devices will need to be rooted for the app data migration between two Android phones, the mobile phone data migration tool has the built-in tool to temporarily root your devices and remove the root after the transfer so it will not void your warranty. If you do not want to transfer extra apps, or do not want to root your phone, scroll down to the bottom, we have other WhatsApp chats migrations which does not require root and you do not need a computer in the middle.

Transfer WhatsApp chat history between Android phones

Download and install the mobile phone data transfer software on your Windows PC or Mac computer.

Run this smartphone data transfer program and click Phone to Phone Transfer from its home screen to enter the mobile phone data migration mode, see below screenshot.

mobile phone data transfer software main interface

When you are at the phone to phone data transfer mode, you will be required to connect both mobile phones to computer via USB cable. After that the two phones will be displayed side by side. The phone on the left side is the source mobile phone which you want to copy the WhatsApp app and its data from; the phone on the right side is the target phone to receive WhatsApp and its chat history. If they are in the wrong positions, simply click the Flip button between them to correct. Between the two phones connected, you can see a column of all supported file types you can copy around between them, such as contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and app data.

copy game data and app data from android to android mobile phone

If you click to enable App Data transfer, you will get a warning about the rooting as below.

Transferring app data requires the devices being rooted!

You need to root your Android phones first, try a root tool such as Kingo. You can also check the option to use MobileTrans root tool to root your phone temporarily. Your phone will become unrooted after the data transferring and this will NOT void your warranty.

root android phones before transferring app data

Transfer WhatsApp from phone to phone

Click the Transfer button at the bottom to start the app migration from one Android phone to another. All user apps installed on the source mobile phone will be copied to the destination mobile phone except those apps that are incompatible with the target phone or those duplicate apps.

transfer apps, games between android phones

Transfer WhatsApp chats and files from phone to phone

Once the mobile transfer software finished moving WhatsApp and other apps from one phone to another, it will then begin rooting your mobile phones. During the rooting process your phone may reboot twice. You do not have to do anything during this process. If your phone has already been rooted, the mobile phone transfer program may send a root request to your phone screen, you need to check your phone and allow the authorization. After that, this mobile phone transfer tool will start copying app data, game data, including the WhatsApp chat history and files, from the source Android phone to the target Android phone. When all the app data being copied over between the two mobile phones, the mobile phone transfer tool will start removing root from your mobile phones. After that you will get a screen of the data transfer result including what apps and app data have been transferred, whether any items failed to transfer to the new phone.

transfer whatsapp data between android phones

Now find and run WhatsApp on the new phone, you will find all WhatsApp messages being copied from the old phone to the new phone.

Transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android without ROOT

If you do not want to root your phone, don’t want to use a computer in the middle or do not want to batch transfer all Android apps and their data, you can follow this guide to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android wirelessly. What you need is just a FREE wireless transfer app. Very fast and flexible way to get WhatsApp data copied over across phones.

Transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android phones

The above instructions apply to WhatsApp transfer from Android to Android. Check out following guide if you want to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android using another specialized iOS WhatsApp transfer software.