How to trim videos on computer?

Video trimming is a very important part of video editing. Almost all video editors and converters have the feature to cut long videos, such as splitting videos to two or more short video clips. Check out this tutorial to trim videos on Android mobiles, just as an example. Today we will show you several ways to split or trim videos on both Windows and Mac computers, using the stock Photos app in Windows 10, UniConverter, Filmora and Format Factory. Unlike sophisticated video editors, these apps are all user-friendly and easy to use. Even beginners can easily trim, cut or split videos on Windows and Mac computers without any learning curve.

Split videos using Photos app on Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 comes with two app you can use to trim videos, the Photos app and the Movies & TV app. To cut a long video into short clips using Photos app, open the video with the Photos app first. Then click the Edit button located at the upper-right portion of the window, choose Trim from the drop-down list.

cut, trim videos on windows 10 computer using the photos app

You will then find two markers or sliders at the lower section of the video. Toggle the sliders to select the start and end frame. Finally click the “Save a copy” button located at the upper-right of the window. The new trimmed version of the video will be saved to the same location as the original video.

Trim video windows 10 photos

How to trim videos on Windows and Mac computer?

Firstly go to download UniConverter video editor here. The media software comes with both Windows and Mac OSX versions, make sure to download the right version according to your OS on the desktop or laptop.

video converter windows convert
Video Converter Ultimate

The video converter is extremely easy to use for novice, yet powerful enough for pro. It is easy to use mainly because it has optimized workflow, straightforward design and lots of presets for various media players and devices. When you run the video converter on your Windows PC, you will get a screen like below. In this demo, we will use the Windows version of the video converter. Its Mac version differs from appearance.

Simply drag and drop your source videos to the video editor software. Then you will find an Edit button besides each video clip added. Click on this button, you will open the video editing window as below.

trim and cut videos on computer

Go to Trim tab, then click Add Trim Marker button on the right to start selecting the video section you like to cut or trim. Simply drag the start or end marker to select the starting point or ending point of the video fragment you like to save. Unselected parts will be removed or cut off after the editing. After selection, you can click the Play button on the right lower section to play the selected video part. When you have selected the video part to keep, click the OK button to quite the video editing dialogue and return to the main interface of the video converter as shown in the first image above. Go to select the target file format in the Output Format column on the right, then hit the Convert button to trim and convert video at the same time. If you do not want to alter the video format, simply choose the video format same as the source video before trimming the video. If you want to play the trimmed videos on a specific device, such as a smartphone, you can choose the optimized video profile for the target device from the output video format section.

How to cut out videos on Windows and Mac computer?

In the first half of this guide, we showed how to select the wanted part of a video you want to save, then trim the video to remove the unwanted part. Is it possible to do the opposite, select the unwanted part of a video you want to cut off or remove, then cut, leaving only the unselected parts of a video? Yes. It is very easy. Just make sure to choose “Delete the selected section” besides the Preference option under the Video Trim section on the right side. The rest of the process is the same as you cut videos or trim videos above. By doing so, you can remove the selection of video and join the remaining tow pieces together. If you choose to trim the first selected video selection and save, then trim the second video part and save, after that merge the two video clips together, you have to separate the whole process into three steps, the video cutting out however can achieve that in just one go. 

cut out video on computer

Want to know how you can combine video clips into one file? Do not miss out this tutorial to merge iPhone iPad videos. It works with many other videos too.

Split, trim videos using Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is another great tool you can use to cut, split, trim, merge videos on Windows and Mac computers.

To trim a video using the editor is very easy. Go to create a new project, import the video or movie into the Media Browser, drag and drop the video to the timeline or storyboard at the lower section of the video editor. Move the playhead to select the start point, then right click on the video clip, choose Trim Start to Playhead; drag the playhead to the end frame, right click on the video, select Trim End to Playhead. You can also use the precise control below the built-in media player to move forward or backward frame by frame to select the perfect start and end frame to cut.

split, trim video filmora editor for windows
split, trim video filmora editor for windows

Cut in the middle of your video

If you want to select a part in the middle and delete it from the movie, move the playhead to the start frame, right click and choose Split, then use the same method to select end frame and split the video. You can then select the video fragment in the middle and delete the selected portion from the whole video footage

The easiest way to split a video into several parts

Filmora has a built-in tool, the Instant Cutter, which provides us the easiest way to split a video into multiple clips on computer. You can access and launch this video cutter, trimmer from its File menu > Import Media > Import with Instant Cutter Tool.

Update April 2020: this post was published in Sep 2015 and has since been updated. In this update, two new video splitting or trimming solutions for Windows PC are added.

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