How to trim videos on Lenovo mobile phones?

Almost every smartphone nowadays comes with the ability to cut or trim long videos you have recorded or save on the phone. By splitting long videos into short clips, you can easily transfer, send or share them with other mobile phone users, upload to websites or social networks, etc. In this article, we will use a Lenovo mobile phone to show you how to cut or split videos on Lenovo phones. It is similar with other Android powered smartphones, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Sony and more. You can also follow these three ways to trim videos on Android mobile phones.

How to trim videos on Lenovo mobile phones?

Your videos recorded or saved on Lenovo phone can be found and edited using the Gallery app on Lenovo mobile. Tap the Gallery icon from your Lenovo phone home screen to run it. In the Gallery app on Lenovo, find the video you want to edit. Don’t play it from the video playback screen where you can see a play button overlaid above the video, touch the More Options (three dots) button in the upper-right corner, you will then get a drop-down menu, select “Trim” from this menu. See below screenshot.

trim video on lenovo mobile phone

Now you open the video trimming screen on Lenovo mobile phone. You can see two selectors at the bottom of the video. You can use the left selector to select the start point and the right selector to choose the end point. Drag and drop the two selectors to select the part or fragment you like to cut and save, then press on the replay button in the middle of the video to play the selected section of the video and adjust your selection until you are satisfied. Tap on the Save button in the upper-left corner to save the selected video part as a new video clip. Your video will be saved as a new file without affecting the original video. The new video will be stored on your phone with the “trim” in the file name so you know it is not the original video but a trimmed video.

select, trim, save video on lenovo mobile phone

How to combine videos on Lenovo mobile phones?

Video trimming feature can be found in the Gallery app on most Lenovo phones. However it seems the video joining or merging feature is still missing. If you like to combine two or more videos into one file, you need to download or use third party video editors. We recommend you to export video from phone to computer, then join the video clips on computer.

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