Trim videos using Quicktime Player on Mac

To many of us, Quicktime Player is just a movie player. In fact, it has other hidden features that can help you edit videos and more. For example, we used it to extract sound from movie using Quicktime on Mac. In this article, we’d like to introduce another useful feature – the video trimming.

To trim videos using Quicktime on Mac is extremely easy. Open the video you like to edit using Quicktime player on your Mac computer. Go to the Edit menu from the top menu bar, then select Trim … from the drop-down menu. A yellow box outlines the video at the bottom. Drag the beginning of the yellow selection box to choose the start and drag the end of the selection box to choose where you like the video to end. Hit the Trim button, a new dialogue pops up where you can give the new video clip a new name and select a location to save it.

trim video movie using quicktime player for mac

Apparently you can only split or cut videos that can be played using Quicktime Player. If you are using Quicktime player on a Windows PC, the video editing feature is missing. You can’t use it to trim videos on PC unless you upgrade to the pro version. If the source movie or video is not supported by the Quicktime player or when you use its Windows version on PC, you need to use a more professional video editor for the job. Check out this guide to trim videos on PC and Mac.

iPhone users however can directly trim videos on iPhone using the stock Photos app saving the trip loading the videos off to a computer.

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