How to trim videos on Samsung mobile phones?

Almost every smartphone nowadays comes with the ability to cut or trim long videos you have recorded or save on the phone. On some Android phones, you may even have different apps that can split or cut videos, such as those Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. When you want to trim videos on Samsung mobile phone, you can find and open the video from the built-in Gallery app see if any option to trim videos, or double check the stock file browser on Samsung phone, the My Files app. Other than these two apps, you should also give a shot to the Video Player app. In this demo, we will use a Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos phone to show you how to trim videos on Samsung mobile phone using the stock Video Player app. Note that, other than above mentioned methods or apps, you may also try to download extra camera mode on your Samsung phone, download a video editor from Samsung or other third party sources for the video editing and trimming. Check out this guide to trim videos on Android mobile phones.

How to trim videos on Samsung mobile phones?

Just as we mentioned at the first beginning, there are different tools, apps or methods you can trim videos on mobile phones. If the stock Video app or Video Player app on your phone model does not come with the ability to cut videos, you should try other apps or methods.

Unlock your Samsung phone, go to Apps, find and run the built-in Video Player on Samsung phone. Find the video you like to edit. Touch the More options (three dots) in the upper-right corner, or press the Menu button which is at the left side of the Home button of your handset (depends on your phone model and Android version), to show the video options like below.

trim video on samsung mobile phone using video player app

Choose “Trim” from above screen, you will then open the video selecting, preview and trim screen on your Samsung mobile phone.

select, trim video on samsung mobile phone

Drag and drop the left selector to select the start point of the video, drag and drop the right selector to select the end point of the video, after that preview the selected video part and optionally adjust the selection. When you are satisfied with the video selection, choose “Trim“, then you will get the two video trimming options “Trim original video” and “Trim as new video“. The first option is to edit and cut the original video; the second option is to save the selected video part as a new video clip. We suggest you to trim and save the video as a new video file.

trim original video vs trim as new video on samsung mobile phone

After that you will have the chance to give the new video file a name. When the new video clip saved and created, you can find it from the Gallery app, Video app, the My Files app, etc.

name trimmed video file on samsung mobile phone

Share videos from Samsung mobile phone

By splitting or cutting long videos into short clips, you can easily transfer, send or share them with other mobile phone users, upload to websites or social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. To do that, find the video in Gallery app, tap the More Options (three dots icon) in the upper-right corner, select “Share via”, you will see various methods or ways you can share the video. For example, you can share videos between Samsung and Android mobile phones via Wi-Fi Direct at very fast speed, no computer or wireless router required.