Trim videos in Windows 10

Want to split a very long video or movie into short clips on PC? Windows 10 users can use the stock app, Photos, to edit their video footage as well. It provides only the very basic video and photo editing features. But it is the easiest video cutting solution to trim your videos in Windows 10. It is built into the OS with clear interface. Just follow below steps to quickly cut or trim long videos into short clips on Windows 10 computer using Photos app. No video cutter, editor, or extra installation required. You can use the Photos app to cut videos in formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, etc.

Trim videos in Windows 10

Find the video or movie you want to cut in File Explorer. Right click on it, choose Open with, select Photos app from the sub-menu. The selected video file will be opened in the Photos app, click Edit from the upper right corner to expand the drop-down menu.

Select Trim to open the video cutting window where you can drag the slider to select the start and end point.

Trim video windows 10 photos
Trim video windows 10 photos

Click Save as or Save a copy button in the top right corner. Choose a folder and name to cut and save the selected video part as a new file. You may not be prompted to choose a file name and location in the export process. The trimmed video clip will be saved as a MP4 file to the same folder as the original file.

Windows 10 movie trimming issues and limitations

  • Many other video formats and codecs are not supported. For example, you can’t edit videos in AVI, FLV, RMVB, MXF, etc.
  • You can not cut off a part from the middle. It only allows removing parts from beginning and ending.
  • You can not use it to trim video without re-encoding. The quality of the original video may suffer.
  • It only export new videos in MP4 format.
  • It may change the video aspect ratio. We have this issue when trimming some portrait oriented videos. It saves the new video as landscape video.

Video trimming alternatives

If you are looking for more options, such as cutting off part of the video from the middle, saving video with optimized settings for certain device or players, exporting in a different video format or codec, changing video codec, resolution, aspect ratio, you should use a more professional video editor or converter. Check out this tutorial to trim videos on Windows & Mac computers where you can find various more advanced video tools to create more personalized videos, movies.

Trim, split video using Filmora video editor
Trim, split video using Filmora video editor

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