Turn On or Off GPS Location Services on Samsung

GPSMany mobile apps make use of the GPS feature on our smart phone to provide us more personalized services, notable the maps apps, weather apps on our mobile phones. In an earlier guide, we discussed how to enable or disable location service on iPhone. If you have read that guide, you should know how GPS or location services feature can help improve the smart phone or app experience. Without this feature, many apps will be crippled. Only when you have allowed Google Maps to access your location information, you can get the real time traffic information, you can easily find nearby places on the map, you can travel from one location to another following the guide of Google Maps, share your location information on the map with your friends or family, help people find you or help you find others. You can see this step by step guide to share your location info with WeChat app on mobile phone. Today we will talk about the location services on Samsung smartphones, how to enable or disable location service on Samsung mobile phone. Bear in mind the GPS tracking, locations or the access to your location info may be used for illegal purposes, so only grant the apps you trust the permission to access your location info, only share your location or current location data with your family and close friends.

How to Enable and Disable GPS Satellite or Location Services on Samsung Phones?

Tap on Apps on your Samsung mobile phone. Select and open Settings app from there apps list on your mobile phone. You can then find Location services from the settings screen. Note that different phone models may differ in appearance.

location services settings on samsung mobile phone
Now the Location services screen opens, you can find the Use GPS satellites option from there. Touch the check box besides it to enable GPS on your phone. Some Samsung models may have extra options. For example, if you are on Samsung Galaxy S4,  you have to enable Access my location from its Location services settings screen, then agree with Location consent in order to use this feature, after that, you have 2 options to:

  •   use GPS satellites: Allows apps to use GPS to pinpoint your location. This option lets you find locations accurately to street level. To conserve power, deselect this option when not in use. Except battery drain issue, it also has more to do with privacy. You can turn on/off this feature from the shortcut provided in the Notification Panel, see another way to enable GPS on Samsung smartphone below.
  •   use Wireless networks: Location determined by Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks.

enable disable location services on samsung mobile

Another way to turn on or off GPS location on Samsung smartphone

Except the above method to turn on or off location services on your Samsung cell phone, you can also follow this small tip to quickly enable or disable GPS location on Samsung phone. From the home screen of your phone, tap and drag the Notification bar down. You should see the GPS or Location icon right besides the Wi-fi icon. You can tap the GPS or location icon to quickly turn the feature on or off. By default GPS location is disabled, the GPS or location icon is grayed out. The icon will turn green when GPS location is active.
enable disable GPS location on samsung mobile phone