How to turn on or off iPad?

Apple iPad works in different ways unlike many other normal mobile or tablets devices with an on/off switch. On iPad, you have to use the Sleep/Wake button to switch it actually. This trick or confusion makes many people feel dumb, as many of them can’t figure out how to turn the iPad on or off.

How to turn on iPad?

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the unit for a few seconds until you see it starts. Once you see the Apple logo, wait a second for your iPad to start.

How to turn off iPad?

Similar to turn on the iOS device. To shut down iPad, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the unit for a few seconds until the slider bar appears. You can then swipe the slider to Off to shut down iPad.

Why restarting iPad?

If something is not working right, restarting or resetting iPad will likely solve the issue. It might not be the only way or the best way to solve iPad issues and problem, however it is a simple way to fix iPad problems. Like what you would do to any other machines, a restarting of your iPad is a quick way to troubleshoot many potential issues.

More useful iPad tips

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Your iPad is capable of doing a lot more things than simply browing websites, watch online videos. You can refer to this guide to sync all kinds of data from computer to iPad so you can carry them on the go and access them anywhere you want to.

If you accidentally delete photos and videos you can not afford to lose, you can follow this guide to recover deleted photos and videos from iPhone iPad. Normally iPad users may back up these media files to computer through iTunes or iCloud. But if you forgot to do that, this tutorial can help you out.

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