How to turn on or off photo geolocation on iPhone?

The photo geolocation or geotagging feature on your iPhone gives away the exact location of your device when the photo was taken. The photo’s metadata or EXIF will save this location data. Some iPhone users might want to turn on the geotagging since they can filter or tag photos based on the location, create albums based on location. Some iPhone users may want to turn off the geolocation on iPhone, since they do not want other people to know the location data, Latitude, Longitude coordinates when they share the photos. In this quick guide, we will walk you through the steps to enable or disable Geotagging for photos and videos on iPhone iPad.

How to turn on geolocation on iPhone?

Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services. Turn on Location Services. Tap Camera, choose While Using the App to allow the Camera app access your location.

turn on or off geolocation for photos videos on iphone

How to turn off photo geolocation on iPhone?

Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services. Find Camera app from the list, change its status to Never to disallow the location access.

Note that photos and videos that were taken before turning off geotagging will still have the location data embedded. You need to use some image or metadata editor to get rid of them. Check out this guide to delete photo metadata & location data on iPhone.