UHD Conversion 3840×2160 for 4K TV

4K television manufacturers has launched their UHD TVs in the market. This new technology is going to popularize in the near future. For now if you have bought a UHD TV, such as the 4K OLED TVs from LG, Samsung 4K TVs, Sony UHD TVs, Toshiba UHD TVs, you may find there are not enough 4K content available currently. Most the videos you can find in the market are 1080p HD videos for now. Some are even 720p SD videos. You will be able to play these videos on a UHD TV, but what’s the benefit if you play traditional non-4K content using a 4K TV? One workaround for now is to upscale videos from HD to UHD, from SD to UHD using professional video conversion program. We have showed you how to convert 4K videos here, you can go back and check out the details if like. If you are using LG UHD TV, you can also refer to this guide to create 4K videos for LG UHD TV. These solutions can quickly upgrade 1080p videos to 2160p videos for playback on UHD 4K TV. However some users found they can’t convert old videos to 3840×2160 UHD videos. They said there is no way to change the video resolution bigger than the video sources using the video converting software.
UHD conversion 3840x2160 for 4K TV

“I have been trying to select a converter which can convert HD, SD videos to UHD 3840×2160. I have tried your Video Converter Ultimate. It does show LG logo in the format section but the resolution does NOT go beyond 1920×1080. Why is this? Please advise if I am making some mistake in use. I have an LG UHD TV Curved.”

Here is the proper way to select output video profile for 4K TV sets. Instead of going to the Device category >> TVS, then pick up Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV or else, you should go to the Format category >> Video, then select 4K Video. By doing so, you will still see the resolution change from 1280*720p or 1920*1080p to 3840x2160p. See below screenshot.
convert 4k videos

After that just one click on the Convert button to convert SD or HD videos to UHD 4K videos using the video converter on your computer. Note that except upscale videos to 4K videos, this software can also downgrade videos from UHD to HD or SD. Nowadays more and more devices, like digital cameras and smart phones, are able to shoot 4K videos. But they would be difficult to transfer and share because they are too big and they require a lot of CPU or ram source in order to play them. Thus sometimes we need to compress them. See this guide to convert GoPro 4K videos just as an example.