Undo and Redo on iPad

If you are a Windows guy you may be addictive to the Ctrl + Z when editing a document on your PC. Yes, people make mistakes, we need to reverse, modify, undo and redo. Although a bit tricky to access the undo and redo command on ipad, Apple has this undo and redo feature in iPad as well.


Apple baked an undo feature right into the iPad’s keyboard, saving you from looking like a crazy person who violently shakes their gadgets in public like some iPhone and iPod users do. To access the undo on an iPad virtual keyboard, simply bring up the keyboard, and hit the “.?123” key. That’s it. Nearby, you’ll spot a key that’s helpfully labeled “undo”, which works more-or-less system-wide to undo your last keyboard action. So do not worry to make mistakes with your typing and editing on ipad, just feel free to type away. If you need to redo something, follow the same steps and you’ll see the same button labeled accordingly.