How to Use Reminders on iPhone?

Just got a new iPhone? iPhone has built-in many useful tools and apps you can explore, such as Notes, Reminders, Calendar. These iPhone apps can greatly enhance our productivities. Today we will talk about how to use Reminders on iPhone. You will learn how to create new reminders, create reminders list, delete reminders on iPhone, iPad and more.

Create a reminder list on iPhone

Tap to launch Reminders app on iPhone, you should see all Reminders Lists immediately. Reminders is the default list. You can tap on the list name to expand it and go to create a new reminder below it. To keep all iPhone reminders well organized, you can tap on the + icon at the upper right section to create a reminder list. For example, you can create a new reminder list for shopping, a reminder list for work, etc.

create new reminder list on iphone

Create a reminder on iPhone

From the above Reminders lists screen, tap on a reminder list to display all reminders under the selected reminders list. You can tap on the reminders list name again to return to the home screen of Reminders app on iPhone. To create a reminder on iPhone, simply tap on the new line below the last existing reminder in this reminders list.

create new reminders on iphone

If you want to edit an existing reminder on iPhone, tap on the reminder, then a information icon shows next to the reminder. Tap on the info icon to edit a reminder on iPhone.

Delete iPhone reminders

There are different ways you can delete reminders or reminder items on iPhone. Once you are in the Reminders list, slide from right to left, a delete button in red will be displayed at the end of the selected reminder. You can tap on this button to delete iPhone reminders. Alternatively you can also tap on the Edit button at the upper right section at first.

edit iphone reminders
Then you will see a red circle displays before each iPhone reminder item. Tap on this button, you will get the delete button after the selected reminder on iPhone, you can then delete iPhone reminder from there. From below screenshot, you can also find the option to delete iPhone reminders list. If you deleted the wrong reminders or want to get them back, you can refer to this page to retrieve deleted iPhone reminders.
delete iphone reminders

All right, now you know how to use Reminders on iPhone. That’s should be all the basics you need to know when you are starting out. For more advanced iPhone Reminders tips, you can refer to this page.